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Test Twelve
a)省略连词if,把were, had, should移到主语前。例如:
Were they here now, they would give us some advice.
Had it not been for your help, we wouldn’t have succeeded.
b)用介词或介词短语without, but for, in the absence of, under...
Without the leadership of the Party, we could not live a happy life.
But for the atmosphere we would die.
c)if only结构,表示“但愿…”,“要是…”,例如:
If only I had more time, I could go to watch the performance.
If only I knew where he lives.
gather, assemble, collect
The pupils are gathered into the auditorium.学生们被召集在大礼堂。
The football fans assembled on the square to celebrate the victory of their team.球迷们聚集在广场上庆祝他们球队的胜利。
They collected some precious butterfly specimens on the mountains.他们在山上收集了一些珍贵的蝴蝶标本。
1. Public acceptance of rabbit as an economical source of protein dependson ____.
A. how aggressively do producers market it
B. if it marketed aggressively
C. how aggressively producers market it
D. whether or not aggressive marketing
2. You mustn’t eat these apples ____ they are unripe.
A. much asB. because ofC. even ifD. in case
3. Although ____ happened in the developed country sounds like science fiction, it could occur elsewhere in the world.
A. whichB. whatC. howD. it
4. It was he in ____ we had the greatest faith.
A. whoB. whoseC. whomD. that
5. Being in no great hurry, ____.
A.we went the long route
B. the long scenic route was our preference
C. we took the long, scenic route
D. our preference was taking the long, scenic route
6.Neither of the answers ____ right.
A. wereB. isC. has beenD. are
7. He is ill, ____ I am only a little tired.
A. whereasB. on the contrary
C. and D. however
8. She is rich, and ____ is more, very beautiful.
A. whoB. thatC. whatD. which
9. Say ____you like, it is your father that made you ____ you are.
A. that ;thatB. that;what
C. what ;thatD. what ;what
10. ____ you made your bed,____you must lie on it.
A.Because;soB.For;andC. Once ;andD. As ;so
11. If reading is to accomplish anything more than ____time, it must be active.
A. wastingB. spendingC. passingD.idling
12. The ____ from the airport was really tiring because it was situated far from the city.
A. flightB. travelC. crossingD. journey
13. Kenya’s Tsavo Game Park ____ Susan much of the wildlife park she had visited in New Jersey.
A. evokedB. recalled
C. remindedD. remembered
14. Did you notice the ____ on the doctor’s face when he heard that Kita had found the pearl of the world.
A. appearanceB. expressionC. descriptionD. illusion
15. They plan to ____ the rundown house in a year’s time.
A. reviveB. renovateC. replaceD. remove
16. The supply of silver in the mine had ____, causing great concern among the people of the town.
A. increasedB. extendedC. devaluedD. diminished
17. The lawyer thought that piece of evidence was ____early in the investigation, but it turned out to be vital in convicting the criminal.
A. unchangeableB. unsuitable
C. insignificantD. important
18. The once beautiful flowers in the vase had ____.
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