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Test Ten
1)“am I”的否定形式是“aren’t I”,而不是“am not I”或“amn’t I”。例如:
I am right, aren’t I?
Nothing is wrong, is it?
3)陈述句中的主语为everyone, everybody, anyone, nobody或no one时,反意疑问句中的主语用they。注意,nobody和no one是否定词,因此反意疑问句应该用肯定的。例如:
Nobody knows it, do they?
4)如果陈述句部分有no, never, hardly, scarcely, rarely, seldom等词,那么,陈述句本身就是否定的,所以要接一个肯定的反意疑问句。例如:
He has never been there, has he?
I wish to go there with you, may I?
6)包括听话人在内时“let’s”的反意疑问句要用“shall we”。反之,反意疑问句中要用“will you”。例如:
Let’s go, shall we?
Let us go, will you?
1. All of the plants now farmed on a large scale were developed from plants ____ wild.
A. that once growB. once they grow
C. they once grew D. once grew
2. By the time you graduate, we ____ in Australia for one year.
A. will be stayingB. will have stayed 
C. would have stayedD. have stayed
3. He appreciated ____ the chance to deliver his thesis in the annual symposium on Comparative Literature.
A. having given B. to have been given
C. to have givenD. having been given
4. The government official can hardly find sufficient grounds ____his arguments in favor of the revision of the tax law.
A. on which to base B. which to be based on
C. to base on whichD. on which to be based
5. Living in the desert involves a lot of problems, ____water shortage is the worst.
A. not to mentionB. of whichC. let aloneD. for what
6. Hydrogen is one of the most important element in the universe ____ it provides the building blocks from which the other elements
are produced.
A.so thatB. but thatC. provided thatD. in that
7. Just as relaxation is an important part of our lives, ____stress.
A.so isB. as it isC. and so isD. the same is
8. Victor took a bus and headed for home, ____ if his wife would have him back.
A. not to knowB. not known 
C. not knowing D. not having known
9. We can make an exception ____.
A. in any case of John B. in case of John 
C. in case of John’sD. in the case of John
10. When the Cultural Revolution was launched in China, his father ______ college.
A. attended B. had been attending
C. was attendingD. has been attending
11. My cat is a fussy eater, but my dog is so ____ that she’ll swallow down anything that is put in front of her.
A. indiscriminate B. choosy 
C. indefiniteD. picky
12. “This house is more ____ than the federal government!” Mac complained to his parents. “You have rules for everything.”
A. systematicB. democraticC. bureaucraticD. public
13. The American people’s ____ of being polite is different from that held here in China.
A. mindB. concept
C. consideration D. thought
14. Well, that is probably all I can say about sports. Next time I’ll take up the topic of some other ____ activities.
A. refreshmentB. entertainment 
C. pleasureD. leisure
15. Where there is an earthquake, energy is ____ in one area along a crack in the earth crust.
A. repelledB. releasedC. runD. rushed
16. The old gardener used to keep all his tools and doityourself equipment in a ____ in the garden.
A. barnB. roomC. hutD. shed
17. I’ve got a big coffee ____ on the front of my dress.
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