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1. 从句式结构破译专八翻译[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • Why is Victor walking on air? 【误译】Victor 为什么在腾云驾雾? 【原意】Victor 为什么兴高采烈? 【讲解】walk on air,为俗语,意为“兴高采烈”,“得意洋洋”。 We wont to smoke cigarettes before sleep. 【误译】我们不愿睡前抽烟。 【原意】我们习惯于睡前抽烟。 【说明】句中的wont不是won't(will not),而是不及物动词,意为“习惯”,“惯常”。可见,连小至一个逗点
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2. 专业八级考试人文知识练习“英国概况篇”(4)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • The two areas in Britain where a lot of immigrants live are _____. A. London and Cambridge B. London and heart of England C. Manchester and Birmingham D. Edinburgh and Nottingham The flag of the United Kingdom, known as the Union Jack, is made up of _____
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3. 专业八级考试人文知识练习“英国概况篇”(3)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 1. ____ is the home of golf. A. England B. Scotland C. Wales D. Ireland 2. Which of the following languages is NOT spoken in Scotland? A. English B. Scottish C. Gaelic D. Denish 3. The election of ____ made Margaret Thatcher to power and she became the first woman
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4. 专业八级考试人文知识练习“英国概况篇”(2)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 1.Britain was the first country to industrialize because of the following factors except _____. A. Britain was well placed geographically to participate in European and world trade. B. Britain had many rivers, which were useful for transport. C. British engineers had soun
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:7360     论文属性:考试题 Examination

5. 专业八级考试人文知识练习“英国概况篇”(1)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 1. How many members are there in the House of Commons? A. 650 B. 524 C. 72 D. 651 2. Which of the following people didn’t use to be the British Prime Minister? A. Margaret Thatcher B. Winston Churchill C. Horatio Nelson D. John Major 3. By tradition, the l
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:7373     论文属性:考试题 Examination

6. 英语专业八级改错题特训(2)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • Is language, as food, a basic human need? Judging __1__from the drastic experiment of Frederick in the13th century it may be. Hoping to discover whatlanguage a child would speak if he heard mother __2__tongue, he told the nurses to keep silent.Today no such drastic deprivatio
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:7256     论文属性:考试题 Examination

7. 英语专业八级改错题特训[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • For the last fifteen or twenty years the fashion in criticism or appreciation of the arts have been to deny the existence of any valid criteria and to make the __1__words “good” or “bad” irrelevant, immaterial, and inapplicable. There is no such thing, we are told, like a set of standards fi
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:3860     论文属性:考试题 Examination

8. 英语专业八级阅读理解训练题[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • He was an old man with a white beard and huge nose and hands. Long before the time during which we will know him, he was a doctor and drove a jaded white horse from house to house through the streets of Winesburg. Later he married a girl who had money. She had been left a large fertile farm when
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:6766     论文属性:考试题 Examination

9. 英语专业八级作文常用句型总结[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 用于驳斥:1. In general, I don’t agree with...2. In my opinion, this point of view doesn’t hold water.3. The chief reason why..., is that...4. There is no doubt that...5. It is not true that...6. It can be easily denied that...7. We have no reason to believe that...8.
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10. 英语专业八级考试作文开篇模版[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 1. With the (rapidly) growing popularity of Internet surfing ( computers /cars/mobile phones/pagers/.PDP television/... ) in China, the quality of our lives is improving for the better. 2. With the (rapid) growth of our economy ( heavy industries/transportation system/market economy/popu
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:5385     论文属性:考试题 Examination

11. 英语专业八级知识储备“美国文学篇”[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • Literature,Architecture and Music 文学,建筑和音乐 1)Major American Writers and their works ① Bejamin Franklin(1706-1790)本杰明.富兰克林: the only writer in the colonial period. Works: Poor Richard'S Almanac , which is an annual collection of proverbs.殖民地时期的作家。作品:《穷理查年鉴》,一本年度谚语集。
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12. 专业八级改错仿真练习(附答案)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • For the question "who discovered America?" some would _1_reply, "earliest inhabitants, the American Indians", others _2_would answer, "Christopher Columbus", and yet others, "Bjarni Herjolfsson", depending on the point of view of the person answering. Each of these answer is in fact corr
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:1741     论文属性:考试题 Examination

13. 英语专业八级练习题“人文知识篇”[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 1 Which poem is not written by Freneau? A The British Prison Ship B The Wild Honey Suckle C The Indian Burying Ground D The Flood of Years 2 Thomas Jefferson's attitude ,that is , a firm belief in progress, and the pursuit of happiness, is typical of the period we now call _____.
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14. 专业八级考试音译汉易错题[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • Kirk never has words with his neighbours. 【误译】Kirk从不与他的邻居说话. 【原意】Kirk从不与他的邻居中吵嘴. 【说明】have words with sb 是习惯用语,意为与某人吵嘴;have a word with sb 才是与某人说话的意思. We wont to smoke cigarettes before sleep. 【误译】 我们不愿睡前抽烟。 【原意】我们习惯于睡前抽烟。 【说明】句中的wont不是won
  • 论文类别:tem8真题下载     人气:1972     论文属性:考试题 Examination

15. 2012最新专业八级考试题答案详解[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 一、听力 (略) 二、阅读 Text A 11. worked for freshwater conservation for nonprofit purposes.12. His house was equipped with advanced water-saving facilities.13. how I could contribute to water conversation.14. his lifestyle was too extravagant.15. exaggeration.
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