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威尼斯商人_梁实秋和朱生豪译本之对比分析 [4]

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, sir, had I such venture forth,The better part of my affections wouldBe with my hopes abroad…萨 听我说,先生,若是我有这样冒险的买卖,我的心情一大半是要被海上的希望给占了去的。(Liang’s version)萨莱尼奥 相信我,老兄,要是我也有这么一笔买卖在外洋,我一定要用大部分的心思牵挂它。(Zhu’s version)SHYLOCK Three thousand ducats; well.BASSNIO Ay, sir, for three months.夏 三千圆;好吧?巴 是的,先生,借三个月。(Liang’s version)夏洛克 三千块钱,嗯?巴萨尼奥 是的,大叔,三个月为期。(Zhu’s version)LAUNCELOT By your leave, sir.朗 告辞了,先生。(Liang’s version)

4.2 Translation of Sentences

In addition to words, the distinctions also manifest themselves in the sentences,beginning with the punctuation.LORENZO Sweet friends, your patience for my long abode;Not I, but my affairs, have made you wait:When you shall please to play the thieves for wives,I’ll watch as long for you then. Approach;Here dwells my father Jew. Ho! who’s within?洛 好朋友,请你们宽容我耽误了这么久;不是我,是我的事情,劳你们久候;你们将来若是为了讨老婆而做贼,我也同意的给你们守候这样久。过来;我的岳丈犹太人就住在此地。喂!谁在里面哪?(Liang’s version)罗兰佐 两位好朋友,累你们久等了,对不起得很,实在是因为我有点事情,急切里抽身不出。等你们将来也要偷妻子的时候,我一定也替你们守这么些时候。过来,这儿就是我的犹太岳父所住的地方。喂!里面有人吗?(Zhu’s version)As it can be seen, in terms of the punctuation, Liang basically strictly follows theoriginal and leaves the semicolons where they are. Zhu, however, writes thetranslation with punctuation in line with the habitual usage of that in Chinese, wherecomma is mostly used to break sentences into parts, while semicolon and colon areonly employed with special indication. Such examples could be found in abundance.ANTONIO The duke cannot deny the course of law:For the commodity that strangers haveWith us in Venice, if it be denied,Will much impeach the justice of his state;Since that the trade and profit of the cityConsisteth of all nations. Therefore, go:These griefs and losses have so bated me,That I shall hardly spare a pound of fleshTo-morrow to my bloody creditor.安 公爵不能否认法律的规定:因为外国人在威尼斯和我们共享的权利,设若一被否认,那就证实国家没有公道了;而国家的商业的利益又是靠了和各国通商的。所以,走吧:这些损失悲哀已经害得我瘠瘦,我明天恐怕很难得再割一块肉喂我的狠心的债主了。(Liang’s version)安东尼奥 公爵不能变更法律的规定,因为威尼斯的繁荣,完全倚赖着各国人民的来往通商,要是剥夺了异邦人应享的权利,一定会使人对威尼斯的法治精神发生重大的怀疑。去吧,这些不如意的事情,已经把我搅得心力交瘁,我怕到明天身上也许剩不满一磅肉来,偿还我这位不怕血腥气的债主了。(Zhu’sversion)The same goes with punctuation in this paragraph. Moreover, it could bedetected from the above that the sentence structure or order of the translation isdifferent as well.In the first example, when dealing with the second sentence of “Not I, but myaffairs, have made you wait”, Liang translates it into “不是我,是我的事情,劳你们久候”in the same structure of the source text. On the contrary, Zhu translates afterprocessing the meaning and states in a more Chinese tone as “实在是因为我有点事情,急切里抽身不出”. In the second example, as for the translation of“For the commodity that strangers haveWith us in Venice, if it be denied,Will much impeach the justice of his state;Since that the trade and profit of the cityConsisteth of all nations”Liang sticks to the original sentence order, whereas Zhu makes adjustments tothe structure according to the logical sequence and integrates several parts into onesentence.


As renowned translators with considerable knowledge and advanced commandof both languages, Liang Shiqiu and Zhu Shenghao dedicated their lifetime to thebrilliant career of translating Shakespeare’s complete works. Their contribution isimmeasurable to the introduction of foreign literature and western culture, the futuretranslation study, the enrichment of Chinese translated literature and the expansion ofpublic horizon.From a comparison 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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