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论文作者:留学生论文论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis登出时间:2024-05-01编辑:vicky点击率:490

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摘要:本文是一篇英语论文格式, 本论文旨在回答以下几个问题:首先,《善良与忠诚之夜》使用了哪些类别通感隐喻?其次,概念整合理论(CIT)在这些通感中是如何应用的?最后,不同通感隐喻的翻译策略有何不同?原因何在?

本文是一篇英语论文格式, 本论文在概念整合理论的框架下,揭示了通感在隐喻翻译中的心理操作过程避免了只将通感看作修辞学、美学中的技巧这一传统观念,证明了通感隐喻翻译的强大解释力。翻译过程被证明不仅仅是解码和编码,而且受到许多因素的限制。

Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Research Background

 In daily reading, poems modified with synesthesia are common, which brings readers multiple esthetic senses. The authors communicate a variety of senses, skillfully using cross-sensory words to describe images. These not only show the poets’ vivid language ability, but also reveal the poets’ meticulous feelings, and offer readers different sensory experiences.

In daily communication,  familiar sayings frequently appear, such as“With wisps of fragrance, like a faint song from a distant tower” “His words sounded sweet as honey”“My melancholy grew bright and brilliant” and so on. These words are called synesthetic figures of speech. Humans could have never really tasted the sound of a song, nor sweetness of words; but people can completely grasp the inner meanings of them. Although ancients began to use synaesthesia ages ago, formal research on synaesthesia only started in modern times. 

Synaesthesia is rhetoric widely used in poetry since ancient times. According to Li Yuanluo (1990), poetry is broader than fiction or prose because it is imaginative and poetry is full of imagination and meaning, while both must focus on the realities of life. The reality is that literary synaesthesia presents human beings’ unique sensory experience and interactive dialogue with the world. In the course of men’s re-cognition and reexperience of the world, their subjectivity has been heightened and their feelings remain open to be more vivid and cognition more alive. Sensory transference is endowed for life. 


1.2 Research Significance and Objectives

The meaning of the study consists of three parts. 

Firstly, the dissertation simulated the on-line translation of synaesthetic metaphors in Louis Glück’s poetry exercising CIT. Meanwhile, the explanatory power of CIT was proven formidable. Now that there is psychological commonality, translators can perceive the inner workings of synaesthesia applied by source text author. This thesis provides an effective way to explore the translator’s cognition of the synesthesia of source text. Besides, CIT may help resolve the long-standing dispute over literal and free translation and shift the research focus to the dynamic process regarding integrated translation.

Secondly, the investigation of the translator’s inner working process renewed current translation studies. Language is traditionally thought to be an outward frame of thoughts. Translation, in other words, has long been thought of as simply a language metamorphosis. Translations have been thought to have nothing to do with translators’ active cognition and mentality integration. This practice hinders the discussion of the essence of translation and ignores the implicit construction of the language behind it. 

Thirdly, the translation of complex synaesthetic metaphors in Grück’s poems is influenced by different factors. Since translation is decoding and coding, these physiological commonalities theoretically guarantee the success of this process and decoding. Comparison between synaesthetic metaphors and their translations in Faithful and Virtuous Night seemed to d论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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