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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Background

Piracy is a manifestation of the savagery that has existed in the history of humancivilization.While in ancient Greek times,pirates referred to men who went to theseas to earn a living in an anon-derogatory sense,by the late primitive periodmaritime plundering was rampant and gradually turned into a means of livelihood forbandits.(Richards,2009:12)In the history of the West,the Mediterranean gave birth tothe splendid Greco-Roman civilization,but also to the“piracy”of which they were soproud.They were not initially disgraceful bandits but were seen as general groups likefarmers,merchants,and manufacturers.But after the 5th century BC,“piratesincreasingly appear in classical texts as evil and punishable targets.”(Xiong,2005)Bythe Middle Ages,piracy by the Norse Vikings and the southern Moors brought astrong impact on Western European society.In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries,the whole world of affairs was turned upside down with great geographicaldiscoveries.From the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip ofAfrica by Dias in 1487 to the West Indies in America by Columbus in 1492,themaiden voyage to the Indies by Da Gama in 1498,and the success of Magellan’scircumnavigation of the globe in 1519-1522,marked the beginning of the world’sgreat age of navigation.From then on,the oceans were no longer seen as a rift valley,but as a major transportation route connecting the continents and becoming anotherarena for human activities.


1.2 Significance of the Study

1.2.1 Historical Significance

Traditional studies have concentrated on the role of piracy in the economic,diplomatic,and even social and cultural aspects of England under ElizabethⅠ,buthave neglected to delve into the background of piracy during this period.The early years of Elizabeth’s reign faced multiple financial,religious,and diplomatic dilemmas,and it was these complex factors that led to the large pirate community and thecontinual piracy of the period.Therefore,this study will examine in depth thehistorical background of the prevalence of piracy in England during the reign ofElizabethⅠfrom the aspects of Finance,religion,diplomacy,geography,and the piratetradition inherited from the Vikings,with the help of relevant historical materials anddocuments,to make up for the lack of content in the academic research on the socialhistory of England,and thus further enrich the study of English history.

1.2.2 Practical Significance

Firstly,this study is of great relevance to the development of country-regionalstudies in China.The study of the historical factors that influenced the popularity ofpiracy under ElizabethⅠwill not only deepen our understanding of the rise of theBritish Empire but will also contribute to the construction of the content of Britishsocial history and Atlantic regional history.Secondly,the gradual legalization ofpiracy under ElizabethⅠprovided some legal basis for the development of Europeanprivate armies into mercenaries.Recently,private armies(or mercenaries)have beenemerging on the battlefields,such as the Blackwater Worldwide group of US troops inthe Iraq war.Similarly,in the Russo-Ukrainian war,the Russian army had a groupcalled PMC Wagner.Therefore,an in-depth论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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