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Chapter 1 Situational Vulnerability of Northwest Dwellers

1.1 Xenophobic Closure in Northwest London

Northwest London, with its attached prejudice and poverty, is a black hole that “draws its characters repeatedly back into its closed and classed overdetermination” (Arnett 3).This section illustrates the closure in the secluded home, exclusive office and discriminated council estates (a kind of social housing), to analyze the xenophobia and immobility faced by immigrants. 


A home is a private place, “an intimate place of rest where a person can withdraw from the hustle of the world outside and have some degree of control over what happens within a limited space…where you can be yourself” (Seamon 150), and also “a vessel in which a tangle of abstract, cultural concepts is found” (Gathorne-Hardy 124). The homes of Willesden people in NW are characterized by narrowness, disorder and seclusion, represented by the house of Lloyd Cooper (father of Felix Cooper) which has “NO DOORBELL” (Smith, NW 104), giving away the disfunction of its owner’s life and suggesting a “new level of surrender” (104) towards a reality that has various suffocating aspects. 

1.2 Class Disparities between London Districts

All situated in Willesden, a notorious district in northwest London for its presumptive non-Britishness and poverty, the second-generation immigrants in NW travel between districts for a living. They depend on public transportation infrastructures such as “streets, walkways, transit lines, canals and railroads” (Lynch 46) which provide them important positions to observe and experience disparities between places in the city. Therefore, this section illustrates immigrants’ travels in London streets, tube and park that reveal profound and harsh disparities between people from different positions and analyzes underclass immigrants’ vulnerability to undereducation, poverty and anxiety. 

Firstly, immigrant’ walks in London streets demonstrate disparities between districts, which reveals the class stratification in London. “Think of a city and what comes to mind? Its streets.” (Jacobs, Great American Cities 39). Streets, as Jane Jacobs reminds us, have always been the epitome of a city. In the “Visitation” part, Leah walks from a street to another street: form the “Lowdown dirty shopping arcade” of Yeats Lane to “mansion flats” of Barlett Avenue, reading the city as a text (Smith, NW 40). What she sees changes from multi-ethnic places where people are in filth, poverty, chaos and misfortune to “Bank of Iraq, Bank of Egypt, Bank of Libya” (40), then to shops of high-end brands, to mansions of “security lights, security gates, security walls, security trees” (40) where the “Arabs, the Israelis, the Russians, the Americans…united by the furnished penthouse” (41). Leah’s walk is a journey from the multicultural sad land to the multicultural happy land, which reveals the insurmountable disparities between the upper-class immigrants and bottom-class immigrants. As Smith has claimed that “human problems persist” in the capital but “most of them…are ones of class and money, not of race or cultural tendencies” (2010), immigrants in NW become more than “exagger论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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