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A.Introduction to Edward Morgan Forster and the Novel


Edward Morgan Forster(short for E.M.Forster),who was born in London,thecapital of United Kingdom,on New Year’s Day in 1879,is one of the greatest Britishnovelists in 20th century.The Times calls him as‘one of the most esteemed Englishnovelists of his time’.In addition,he is also called as“a novelists’novelist”.Forsterwas the son of Edward Forster,an architect,died early,and his mother’s family wasfamous for its evangelical tradition and its devotion to reform and philanthropy.Fromthe year of 1883 to 1983,he spent his happiest childhood times at Rooksnest,Stevenage,which is a house of children that Forster described in his novel Howards End(1910).In the year of 1893,Forster and his mother moved to Tonbridge and thenhe attended Tonbridge School as a day boy.At Tonbridge School,Forster had a veryunpleasant time and aroused a sense of dislike feeling of public-school values in hisheart.And this unhappy experience contributed to his antipathy towards the Britishmiddle and upper classes.And then in the year of 1897,Forster was admitted toKing’s College,Cambridge University,where he much enjoyed his happy years onaccount of his lasting friendship with G.E.Moore.

After graduating from Cambridge University,Forster traveled to Italy andGreece,and he lived the two places for a not shot time.He showed great interest inancient Greek philosophy,ancient Greek literature and the Italian Renaissance,immersing himself in a beautiful and unique culture different from his country.At thesame time,he felt shame and anger at the cruelty of British colonial rule to othercountries,and he deepened his dissatisfaction with the rigid social order in British.Onhis return from Greece he wrote for the Independent Review,which lunched in 1903by his a group of Cambridge University friends.

B.Literature Review

Since the novel A Passage to India was published in 1924,researchers at homeand abroad have developed great interest in this novel,and the research on it is evenmore continuous.From different theoretical and research perspectives,scholars athome and abroad have enriched the research literature of this novel and have provided a lot of reference materials for literary theory research and creation.As could be seenobviously,based on the literature data of CNKI,there are a considerable number ofarticles on the novel A Passage to India from different angles.Relevant researches aresummarized in the following three aspects:researches of A Passage to India from theperspective of postcolonialism;researches of A Passage to India from the perspectiveof symbol;and researches from other main analytic perspectives.

Scholars’researches on A Passage to India from the perspective ofpostcolonialism mainly focus on the author Forster’s double contradictoryconsciousness and the novel’s double contradictory consciousness.On the one hand,the author expresses deep love and sympathy for the Indian people who are colonizedby the British,and criticizes the brutal and shameless behavior of the British colonialhegemony.On the other hand,due to Forster’s British cultural identity issue,heu论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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