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本文是一篇英语论文提纲,本文结合Bousfield的不礼貌模型和Spencer Oasey的和谐管理理论,重点研究家庭CT中的言语行为,并试图探索影响策略使用的因素,基于对布斯菲尔德不礼貌策略的测量,对不礼貌策略进行了标记。研究材料分为两组,即配偶CTs和父母子女CTs。

Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Research Background

As the saying goes,“families are fudge--mostly sweet with a few nuts”.Certainly,we human beings value family much because we regard it as the hometo our soul,and family ties mean that no matter how much one might want to runfrom his family,he can’t.On the other hand,human beings are all individuals withdifferent ideas,in a family,say,everyone wants to control the TV remote.Familymembers are involved in long-term relationships and are intensively emotionallydependent,they need to interact with each other daily.Therefore,they maysometimes spell out their appeal directly without considering the other’s face,status or so,thus quickly intensifying their conflicts.


Conflict,as is said,is an interesting but slippery concept that may arise in anysort of interpersonal problem.Family conflict,or domestic friction,as its nameimplies,refers to the opposition or tension between family members.It possesses awide variety of forms,ranging from verbal,physical,sexual,financial,topsychological conflict(Fincham,2003).This kind of conflict may involvedifferent combinations of family members,for instance,it can be conflict withinthe spouses,between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law,or between parents andchildren,siblings,or even between sisters-in-law.Inasmuch as this thesis draws onlanguage materials from normative families,it will focus on spousal andparent-child conflicts.Among all the family conflict forms,verbal conflicts have acquired much attention from researchers(Vuschnich,1990;Lai,2011;Arcidiacono&Pontecorvo,2009,etc.).

1.2 Research Significance

Conflict is quite universal and complex in conversations.Although it is bornin human interaction,studies on it didn’t emerge till the 1960s,when Goffman(1967)asserted that conflicts are drawbacks for efficient communication.Accordingly,the research significance of the present study can be concluded asfollows:

Firstly,in the family context,it is safe to keep conflict talk on a rational scalein case it escalated into violent physical or verbal abusiveness,leading to divorceor other tragedies.Nowadays,topics revolving around family conflict talks areabout everything,with kids’education bearing the brunt.Hence the thesis strivesto study the conflict talks associated with children’s education issues.Consideringthe rat race in domestic job markets,parents struggle to give their kids as bettereducations as possible,leaving heavy loads on children.Then contradicts betweencouples,children and parents are intensified.In this case,it is vital to communicatewith each other in a decent way.What’s worse,the divergent opinions of spousesin their children’s education may also cause disputes,so this study can act as aremedy for people suffering failure to communicate with families.

Besides,unlike previous studies on impolite strategies and conflict talks,which are oriented towards pragmatic functions,the current research takes acomparative view between spousal CTs and parent-child CTs,as such,it canexplore the reasons and factors that lead to or escalate disputes.In this way,thedistinction between spousal rapport management and parent-child rapportmanagem论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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