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1 Introduction


As an introduction to the thesis, this chapter will first give a general view of thedevelopment of the realization and understanding of style and style translation inChina and abroad as well as an overview to the previous researches on the Englishtranslations of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan, and then provide a detailed exposition of thetheoretical framework of the study.


1.1 Literature Review on Style Translation Studies
Style Translation Studies AbroadThe concern of style in the West can date from 2000 years ago in the EuropeanClassicism translation theories. One of the most influential scholars was Q. H. Horace,in whose classic work ''Arts PoeticcT, he put forward “decorum"the appropriatenessof language and style" to ensure the elegant taste of the translated works. (Liu,2005:235-236). Although there really exists vagueness in the definition or recognitionof style, the significance of style reproduction in translation has never been neglectedfrom the ancient times. In Savory's The Art of Translation, he put forward twelvecriteria to translation, among which four had to do with style (1960: 49):5. A translation should reflect the style of the original.6. A translation should possess the style of the translation.7. A translation should read as a contemporary of the original.8. A translation should read as a contemporary of the translation.Although criteria 7 and 8 did not directly mention style in the process oftranslation, in essence, one can not deny the importance of style if a translation couldread as a contemporary of the original and the translation. However, style translationwas not formally put forward as a translation principle until A. F. Tytler proposed hisintermediary discipline connecting linguistics and literary criticism, literary stylisticsfocuses on the discussion of how the author express and strengthen the thematicsignificance and aesthetic effects through language choices". In her major worksand articles she also put forward that the problem of "deceptive equivalence" could besolved by the application of literary stylistics. The "deceptive equivalence" raised byShen was actually due to the translator's insensitiveness to the elaborate languagechoices of the original.https://www.51lunwen.org/yywxlw/org201211081728123696.html In brief, Shen's proposition of the application of literarystylistics to translation studies has greatly promoted the cognition of the relationshipbetween linguistics, literature and translation. To sum up, from the history of thedevelopment of style translation theory from the ancient times to the modem times inChina, we can see that it is a process from abstract and subjective descriptions tospecific and objective analysis.


1.2 Previous Researches on the English Translations of Ah QZheng Zhuan
Ah Q Zheng Zhuan, one of the greatest representative works of Lu Xun, composed in1911 to 1912, presents an abnormal Chinese society and the true face of a group ofabnormal Chinese after the 1911 Revolution (辛亥革命).It holds a significantposition in the history of the Chinese contemporary literature. Since its publication ithas been translated into more than 20 languages all over the world. With regard to itsEnglish translation, there are at least four versions up to now. They are; The TrueStory of Ah Q, tr论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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