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Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Research Background and Significance of the Study

With the advancement of globalization and increasingly close international exchanges, how to build a national image has become one of the academic hotspots. The construction of image has always been the main content of imagology. Unlike the “image” discussed in daily life, “image” in comparative literature refers to foreign countries expressed in literary works (Meng, 2001). This exotic image can be expressed not only through individual images but also through group images. With the rise of interdisciplinary research, more and more scholars have begun to pay attention to the connection between imagology and translation studies. Translation has gradually become an essential medium for image reshaping, and imagology has also enriched the text observation tools, theoretical analysis tools, and research perspectives of translation studies. (Wang, 2018) 

Si Shi Tong Tang is a masterpiece of the times, which takes the Anti-Japanese War as the background and focuses on the tragic experiences of several families in little sheep fold. In 1946, Lao She went to the United States for cultural exchange at the request of the U.S. State Department. In order to spread Chinese culture, Lao She completed a series of literary creations and translations in New York, including the translation of Si Shi Tong Tang. The English version of this book is called The Yellow Storm. When the book was published in America in 1951, it was immediately selected as an excellent new book by the “Book of the Month Club” and became the best-selling book of the year. 

1.2 Literature Review

1.2.1 Previous Studies on Imagology and Translation


Imagology, as the name suggests, is the study of images. And it is an important field of comparative literature. But what imagology focuses on is not the “image” we often talk about daily, but the foreign images in literary works. D. H. Pageaux, a famous comparative literature scholar, defined imagology as “a summation of views on foreign countries in the course of literalization and socialization” (2001:154). 

The term “image” is not new to the field of translation studies, and many scholars have discussed the issue of image shaping since the cultural shift of the 80s of the 20th century (Wang, 2019). In the late 20th century, the study of comparative literature was in decline, while translation studies were emerging as a new discipline. Many comparative literary theorists have entered the field of translation research and introduced the concept of the “image” into translation studies. Since then, the translation research carried out from the perspective of imagology has gradually increased, and many papers concerned with translation and imagology have been published at home and abroad. Translation study from the perspective of imagology has become an emerging research hotspot in the academic community. In order to better clarify the relationship between imagology and translation research, the following will summarize the current research status of translation studies from the perspective of imagology at home and abroad. 

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