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1 The union representative put across her argument very effectively.
A explained B invented C considered D accepted
2 He talks tough but has a tender heart.
A heavy B strong C kind D wild
3 It is no use debating the relative merits of this policy.
A making B taking C discussing D expecting
4 Our statistics show that we consume all that we are capable of producing
A waste B buy C use D sell
5 The fuel tanks had a capacity of 140 liters.
A function B ability C power D volume
6 Our lives are intimately bound up with theirs.
A tensely B nearly C carefully D closely
7 Her faith upheld her in times of sadness
A supported B excited C inspired D directed
8 The book provides a concise analysis of the country’s history.
A clean B perfect C real D brief
9 It is laid down in the regulations that all members must carry their membership cards at all times.
A suggested B warned C stated D confirmed
10 The council meeting terminated at 2 o’clock
A began B continued C ended D resumed
11 A red flag was placed there as a token of danger.
A sign B substitute C proof D target
12 However bad the situation is, the majority is unwilling to risk change.
A reluctant B eager C pleased D angry
13 It has been said that the Acts provided a new course of action and did not merely regulate or enlarge an old one.
A limit B control C replace D offset
14 The secretary is expected to explore ideas for post-war reconstruction of the area.
A deny B investigate C stress D create
15 The steadily rising cost of labor on the waterfront has greatly increased the cost of shipping cargo by water.
A gradually B suddenly C excessively D exceptionally
第2部分: 阅读判断(第16~22题,每题1分,共7分)
Principles of Governing Persuasion
If leadership consists of getting thing done through others, then persuasion is one of the leader’s essential tools. Many executives have assumed that this tool is beyond their grasp, available only to the charismatic(有魅力的) and the eloquent. Over the past several decades, though, experimental psychologists have learned which methods reliably lead people to concede, comply, or change. Their research shows that persuasion is governed by several principles that can be taught and applied.
The first principle is that people are more likely to follow someone who is similar to them than someone who is not. Wise managers, then, ask peers to help make their cases. Second, people are more willing to cooperate with those who are not only like them but who like them, as well. So it’s worth the time to uncover real similarities and offer genuine praise.
Third, experiments confirm the intuitive truth that people tend to treat you the way you treat them. It’s sound policy to do a favor before seeking one. Fourth, individuals are more likely to keep promises they make voluntarily and clearly. The message for managers here is to get commitments in writing. Fifth, studies show that people really do defer to (服从) experts. So before they attempt to exert influence, executives should take pains to establish their own expertise and not assume that it’s self-evident. Finally, people want more of a commodity when it’s scarce; it follows, th论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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