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第1部分:词汇选项 (第l~15题,每题1分,共15分)
1 Have you talked to her lately?
A lastly B finally
C shortly D recently
2 While we don't agree,we continue to be friends.
A Because B Where
C Although D Whatever
3 In judging our work you should take into consideration the fact that we have been Very
busy recently.
A thought B account
C mind D brain
4 You must shine your shoes.
A polish B clear
C wash D mend
5 The policeman wrote down all the particulars of the accident·
A secrets B details
C benefits D words
6 I'm content with the way the campaign has gone.
A tied B satisfied
C filled D concerned
7 This table is strong and durable.
A long-lasting B extensive
C far reaching D eternal
8 He endured agonies before he finally expired.
A fired B resigned
C died D retreated
9 The girl is gazing at herself in the mirror.
A staring B laughing
C shouting D smiling
10 For urban areas this approach was wholly inadequate
A really B basically
C fundamentally D completely
11 Mary has blended the ingredients.
A mixed B made
C cooked D eaten
12 They agreed to modify.their policy.
A clarify B change
C define D develop
13 The economy continued to exhibit signs of decline in September.
A play B send
C show D tell
14 A notably short man,he plays basketball with his staff sever al times a week.
A practically B considerably
C remarkably D fairly
15 The dentist has decided to extract her bad tooth.
A take out B repair
C push in D dig
第2部分:阅读判断 (第16-22题,每题1分,共7分)
Help Your Child Become a Reader
Encouraging early reading skills Call build a path to a lifelong(终身的)love of reading and can help your child get a head start in school.While reading to your child is still the most important thing you can do to build reading skills,there are many techniques that Can help.
Make reading fun.Play games with your child as you read.Many traditional children's
games can be adapted to encourage reading ski11s. ‘
While reading or during play, tell your child,"I spy with my little eye,something that begins with the letter b."Help the child find something on the page or in the room that begins with that letter.For example。‘I see a barn."This can also be used to teach beginning letter sounds."I spy with my little eye.Something that begins with the sounds."Help the child find a word that begins with the "s" sound.
In this variation on the popular game, instruct the child that,"Simon says,‘point to something that starts with the letter n.'"The child call then find an object in the room or a body part,such as the nose,that starts with the letter presented.This can also be used to teach beginning sounds.
Make a game out of rhyming(押韵)words by making up silly words to rhyme with the
child's name or favorite toys.This sets the stage for rhyming real words by showing the child the similarities of sounds.As the child masters making up the words,begin rhyming real words to one another.
Tips to raise a successful reader:
Put books in places where the child plays.If books are easily accessible,children are more likely to pick them up.
Let children "read to you" by 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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