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第1部分:词汇选项 (第1~15题,每题1分,共15分)
1 We are sure that he will get over his illness.
A certain B aware
C happy D determined
2 The policemen acted quickly because lives were at stake.
A in despair B in danger
C in misery D in pain
3 If headaches only occur at night,lack of fresh air is often the cause.
A start B begin
C happen D visit
4 The ice is not thick enough to bear the weight of a tank.
A suffer B accept
C receive D support
5 A small number of firms have ceased trading
A completed B finished
C fulfilled D stopped
6 She was sent a box of chocolates along with a letter saying she was fired.
A killed B shot
C dismissed D murdered
7 The mountains look glorious at sunrise.
A inviting B magnificent
C appealing D pleasing
8 It seems highly unlikely that she will pass the exam.
A very B completely
C usually D mostly
9 Their parents once lived under very severe conditions、
A sound B hard
C strict D tight
10 Michael is now merely a good friend.
A largely B barely
C just D rarely
11 Have you talked to her lately?
A lastly B finally
C shortly D recently
12 While we don’t agree,we continue to be friends.
A Because B Where
C Although D Whatever
13 In judging our work you should take into consideration the fact that we have been very busy recently.
A thought B account
C mind D brain
14 You must shine your shoes.
A polish B clear
C wash D mend
15 The policeman wrote down all the particulars of the accident.
A secrets B details
C benefits D words
第2部分:阅读判断 (第16—22题,每题1分,共7分)
Riches and Romance From Frante’S Wine Harvest

September is harvest time.And with bunches of grapes swinging(摇摆)in the wind,the vineyards of southern France are getting ready to celebrate it.
The yearly wine festival is held in honor of Bacchus,the Roman god of wine.It’s a fun time with parties,music,dancing,big meals and,of course,lots of wine.
French wine-making began more than 2,500 years ago.The world’s oldest type of vine grows in France and always produces a good quality wine.Today France produces one-fifth of the world’s wine,and some of the most famous varieties.
The top wine-producing areas are Bordeaux,Burgundy and the Loire Valley.Champagne,a drink used in celebrations,is named after the place where sparkling(有汽泡的)wine was first produced in 1700.
Wine is made from the juice of freshly picked grapes.It is the sugars that turn into alcohol.
Traditionally, people used to take off their shoes and crush the grapes with their bare feet to bring out the juice.Nowadays,this practice is usually carried out by machines.
Each wine producing region has its own character,based on its type of grapes and soil.
The taste of wine changes with time.Until 1 850, a11 French champagne was sweet.Now, both wine and champagne taste slightly bitter.
The drink has always been 1inked with riches,romance and nobleness.Yet the French think of it in more ordinary terms.
They believe it makes daily living easier,1ess hurried and with fewer problems.
“A11 its links are with times when people are at their best;with relaxation,happiness,long
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