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[摘 要] 近年来,商务英语作为一种交流语言,在国际贸易当中起着越来越重要的作用 我们只有在了解商务英语的语言特点之后,才能把它翻译得更好 商务英语和普通英语并没有本质的差别,但因为使用环境的不同,它也就有了自己的商务特征 商务英语的语言特征包括它的专业性 规范性 词汇的构成风格 简洁紧凑和修辞特征 除了了解商务英语的语言特征之外,还必须了解商务英语的翻译原则,即:忠实 准确 一致性(faithfulness, exactness and consistency)
    1. 商务英语的界说很多内行或者笔者对于商务英语都做了没有同的界说 作者比拟偏偏向下面两位做的界说:Business English is the English variant of a social function, is a branchof English for specific purpose, is English used in business occasions, and is akind of Standard English containing a variety of business activities and suitingthe need of commerce.(Fan Feiran and Zhoubin, 2006: 10)英国商务英语内行 本论文英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供Nick Brieger (1997)提出 Business English Areas实践:Business should include language knowledge, communication skills,cultural awareness and other core content. English used in technology imports,foreign trade, foreign - related insurance, international transport, foreign laborservice contracts and other business activities can be collectively referred to asbusiness English.
2. 商务英语的言语特性
2.1 The Specialization of Business English Vocabulary and Its ContentsMrs. Zhang says: The biggest feature of business English in vocabularyuse is using precise professional vocabulary, including a lot of professionalwords, compound words, abbreviations with business meaning and so on.(ZhangXinhong, 2003: 25)Commonly used terms of prices such as F O B, C I F have their specificprofessional content. F O B (free on board)(离岸价) is the trading means thatthe seller delivery in the original place but the buyer is responsible for thefreight. C I F (cost, insurance, and freight) (利润费 安全费加运输费的到岸价格) is the tradingmeans that the seller is responsible for the freight and insur-ance. Others such as C. W. O (cash with order) (定货付款), B/L (bill of lad-ing) (提货单), L/C (letter of credit)(信誉证), C. O. D (cash on delivery)(货到付现), W. P. A (with particular average)(水渍险), blue chip(蓝筹股,绩优股), bad debt (呆帐) and so on. In international trade, there are also a lot ofother terms, such as quotation and offer(报盘和发盘), terms of payment(付款环境), involvingmany ways such as M/T(mail transfer)(汇款), T/T(telegraphictransfer)(电汇), D/D (documents against payment)(付款交单),D/A(documentsagainst acceptance)(承兑交单) and so on. In business of export and import,document is necessary, often including commercial invoice(生本论文英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供意发单), bill oflading (货票), insurance policy(安全单), draft/bill of exchange(券别), Perfor-ma invoice(方式发单), customs invoice(偏关发单), certificate of origin(产地单据), inspection certificate(检考证书), packing list(装箱单), license(答应证) and so on. Besides, the terms are used to reflect the indicators of macroe-conomic development, mainly including GDP (gross domestic product) (国际消费总值), GNP(gross national product)(公民消费总值), NNP(net nationalproduct)(公民消费净值) and NI (national income)(公民支出). Among these,GDP is the widely used. For example, Even when the United States reaped apeace dividend of more than 2 percent of GDP in reduced defense spendingafter 1990, it cut, rather than increased, foreign- assistance spending as ashare of national income.(The Economist/July 14th 2001)(1990 年当前增添国防收入给美国带来的战争花红高达GDP的百分之二 即便正在这种情况下,美国对于外支援收入正在公民支出中的对比也没有进步,相同却降落了 ) If these professional terms aren t known, it is impossible to translatebusiness English well.Business English vocabulary not only has its basic meaning and specificprofessional content, but also has different meanings in the different scenes.For example, liquidity: basically, this is the ability of a company to repay itsshort- 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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