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国内本科英语毕业论文:Gap year,not yep

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:本科毕业论文 Thesis登出时间:2016-07-20编辑:anne点击率:1379

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1. Introduction介绍

空档年是一种生活方式,这意味着在西方的年轻人即将踏上一个新的旅程,如进入一个更高的学校或毕业后去工作。它通常是一个长途旅行,而不仅仅是在距离,而是在时间。在这段时间里,他们从他们所生活中将获得一个新的社会经验,并进入一个不同的社会环境。他们将离开他们的国家,去其他地方,他们喜欢或需要成为志愿者做一些工作,这是关系到他们的专业。因此,他们可以培养他们的国际观念和积极的生活态度,同时也在学习生存技能。更甚的是“缝隙年”的重要意义是嵌入在这一过程中,以提高学生的自我意识,这将帮助他们找到什么工作,他们真的想做或通过这种社会经验更好的工作。Gap Year is one life style among western young people who is about to step into a new journey such as enters a higher school or go to work after graduation. It is usually one long trip not just in distance but also in time. During this time they will get a new social experience and enter one different social environment from what they live in. They will leave their country and go to other places they like or where need volunteers to do some work which is related to their major. And as a result they can cultivate their concept of international and a positive attitude of life, learning survival skills at the same time too. What’s more? The great significance of Gap Year is embedded in that to improve the students' self-awareness, which will help them to find what work they really want to do or to get a better work by this social experience.
In fact, Gap Year is not the solutions of all problems. It isn’t all like what people think. The life when Gap Year ended will still go on. It is no doubt that Gap Year will bring young people lots of social experience at the start of their life, but it is not suitable to everyone. For optimistic people, they can find their ways to solve the problems they meet in daily life and adjust their lives to the best situation. So, for Gap Year this life style, maybe doesn’t suit for them or even have an opposite effect for the reason that they themselves should experience some dedicated things rather than loose trips. Our life time is limited, so we should not waste our time on those irrelevant things or do the things we don’t need. On the contrary, we should insist ourselves and do we want to do. Don’t be confused by the population of Gap Year, think carefully before go to for the popular things other people do. And in some sense, if you are an introverted and timid person, it is meaningful to get out the small place you trapped in and get more social experience outside the world.


1. Introduction
This part gives a short instruction of the content of this paper. Let the reader s understand the theme of this paper. It mainly analyzes the goal or effect of the gap year. Since people treat it as one approach to recognize their own and get a better life and work in the future, I don’t think so. It isn’t all like what people think.
2. The knowledge of Gap year
This part introduces and analyzes the including parts of Gap year, also the purpose and effect.
2.1 Journey
    This part introduces the journey part of Gap year. What is the content、 purpose and effect of journey included in gap year. 
2.2 Part-time jobs
    This part introduce the part-time job part of Gap year.is it still alive? Or is becoming stronger or dying down. 
2.3 The purpose of Gap year
     This part introduces the reasons that more and more people especially young students choose to have one gap year before they enter the society.
3. The analysis of Gap year
This part analyzes the significance and effect thatpeop论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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