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关键词:religion and historyArabian

摘要:本文详细介绍了阿拉伯国家的宗教信仰及历史,供大家作为参考资料使用,文中主要介绍了伊斯兰教的发展与历史等。Islam is the inevitable product of the evolution of the socio-economic, political and religious development of the Arabian Peninsula.

Arabic - religion and history


 Before the Islamic revival
Islam is the inevitable product of the evolution of the socio-economic, political and religious development of the Arabian Peninsula. Late 6th century to the early 7th century, the Arabian Peninsula is in the disintegration of the original clan tribe, class society of the period of great change. Peninsula due to the difference of the natural environment, socio-economic, political development is highly uneven. The residents are mainly nomadic Bedouin people, nomadic, divided into many clans tribe, each clan, tribe, according to a party, often with each other to compete for pasture, water, land and the outbreak of war, blood revenge prevailed. Years of war social unrest, stagnant production, clan internal class divisions intensify, the tribal aristocracy came into being, they occupy a large number of oases and grasslands, with many slaves and livestock, a large number of nomads on the brink of bankruptcy. Peninsula along the Red Sea coast of Hejaz (the Hejaz) region, has always been an important business hub of East and West trade. Mecca located in the center of the ancient Road to the north-south traffic, due to the transit trade to benefit from the development of a thriving commercial town. Commercial aristocracy in charge of the 麦加古莱什 tribes with the management of the center of the Kaaba Shrine polytheistic power annually to reap huge revenues from the Kaaba worship temple fair trade, the monopoly of the commercial trade of Mecca. The town's business aristocracy, together with the nomadic tribes of the nobility, by means of operators team, the slave trade, loan sharking, profiteering, usury made up of the urban poor and farmers and herdsmen, the bankruptcy of a large number of small and medium businessmen, become a commercial aristocracy of the debtor, resulting in class antagonism intensified socio-economic crisis-ridden.

Foreign aggression and the change of the traditional business channels, exacerbated the economic crisis and social contradictions of the peninsula. Byzantine and the Persian Empire, in order to compete for and control the Arab Commercial Road to the child's long-term predatory war on the peninsula. 525 years, the Ethiopians to send troops in support of the Byzantine occupation of Yemen. 570 years of Ethiopia in Yemen Governor Brod the Raha shuaibing invade Mecca; the way because it was the plague and retreat, but the war has destroyed the local social life. 575 years, Persia sent troops ousted the Ethiopians established a rule in Yemen. The frequent wars and plunder, have been seriously damaged the Arab south of socio-economic, barren land, the destruction of irrigation works, roads flooded, not business travel, the population dropped, the rapid decline of the affluent areas of Yemen. The same time, Persia, in order to monopolize the East-West trade, repealed originally Yemen arrived in the Syrian trade route to the Red Sea west of the peninsula, open up a Persian Gulf and Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean trade routes. The change of trade routes, resulting in the peninsula, southern and western economic recession, Mecca, Medina and other towns in the sharp decline of the transit trade, business the nobility income plummeted, many rely on the caravan to make a living of the shell are cut off and urban residents a way out , thus deepening the social crisis.

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