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论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:议论文 Argument Essay登出时间:2015-05-15编辑:xiaoni2000点击率:1966

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关键词:魁北克文化美国前途未卜Quebec Culture


Gaetan Tremblay,是一名通讯教授,作为文化产业和社会信息化(GRICIS)研究小组在魁北克大学蒙特利尔的领导者,是在通信领域公共政策的主要研究员。Gaetan Tremblay是由国家如美国抵御帝国主义文化公共政策的倡导者。特别值得指出的是,Tremblay的研究主要集中在省魁北克与加拿大其他英语地区不同的文化在加拿大媒体上的影响。

Tremblay关于魁北克文化的美国化影响的文章大约已经有十多年历史,但今天的大部分文章还会被引用,很多信息被拿来在各种媒体和研究论坛中运用。在他的文章中,特伦布莱描述了他看到的魁北克的电波被美国入侵的内容。在Gaetan Tremblay的概念或者叫做信仰中,他相信,魁北克这一加拿大特殊地区的地域文化总有一天会被集成到美国的文化中,从而反过来会导致魁北克抛出自己变成熔炉美国文化。

Gaetan Tremblay, a professor of communications at the University of Quebec at Montreal and deputy manager of the Group of research on cultural industries and social computerization (GRICIS), is a leading researcher for public policies in the field of communications. Tremblay is an advocate of public policy that defends against cultural imperialism by countries such as the United States . In particular, Tremblay studies the effects of the media on culture in Canada especially in a province like Quebec which is distinct from the rest of English Canada. 

Tremblay's article on the Americanization of Quebec culture is slightly more than a decade old, yet most of the information he provides is still relevant today. In his article, Tremblay takes a look at the invasion of Quebec 's airwaves by American content. His title refers to a belief in his mind that the Quebecois culture will one day be integrated into that of America , which in turn will lead to Quebec throwing itself into the melting pot of American culture. 

The first part of the article concerns policy, the never ending promotion of identity by the Quebecois. Tremblay calls for an all out communications policy that would protect Quebec . He goes on to contend that a policy is not only useful, but that it has becomes more necessary with each passing day. However, Tremblay has ignored the fact that Quebec culture is already protected in part by the Canadian constitution. From the beginning, the Canadian federation has provided guarantees, for the Quebec language and culture. “The Constitution Act, 1867 contained specific provisions designed to protect Quebec 's distinct culture and language” (Nicholson, 2003) Canada has always given guarantees to protect the Quebec culture, a policy would be nice but it is not an absolute must have as he portrays. Tremblay then moves on to say, that U.S Department of Commerce would like to deregulate the communications industry and how horrible this would be for Canada . He points out that once this happens the U.S will pressure Canada to do the same. Yet, he seems to forget that Canada is a sovereign nation that does not have to give in to U.S pressure. Canada sets its own policies without being influenced by others. It has and will always be this way. Quebec is already officially recognized as distinct, it is entrenched in the constitution. Simply put, it does not get any better than that. 

In the next part of the article, Tremblay addresses the amount of American programs on Quebec television. Tremblay believes that the policies that are currently in place were only put in because of a belief that the identity of Quebec is in danger. What is there really to be afraid of? From Tremblay's own data the perceived danger is more of a myth. Nearly two thirds of all production in Quebec is Canadian in origin, it actually increased by 4% in the late 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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