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早在2013年, Dorothy Espelage, Eric M. Anderman, Veda Evanell Brown, Abraham Jones, Kathleen Lynne Lane, Susan D. McMahon, Linda A. Reddy and Cecil R. Reynolds 他们共同发表了一篇以理解老师并防止针对老师的暴力为题的文章。

Essay on School Violence

Worldwide, violence among students has not only remained among the school management but also to all stakeholders in the education sector.  It has evolved over the years to take different form from one generation to another as student engage in different affairs in their studies. The most common type is the student to student victimization and bullying. In most cases student in lower educational status find themselves being subjects of their senior counterparts. One would face a scenario where a student tin senior class would force a junior either directly or indirectly, perform a task that would ordinary be his/hers or engage in any other activity against his/her will. Studies has proved that the act is common in all educational institutions regardless of the locality and status, the only difference lies on the actual type of the act being carried out. It also cut through all genders to include violence in girls’ schools. More particularly girls are known to engage in psychological battle with their juniors as opposed to a boy school where the act is more physical.

In Early 2013, Dorothy Espelage, Eric M. Anderman, Veda Evanell Brown, Abraham Jones, Kathleen Lynne Lane, Susan D. McMahon, Linda A. Reddy and Cecil R. Reynolds released a study on titled Understanding and Preventing Violence Directed against Teachers. It pointed out the area to be ignored by many writers over time but remain a demanding area that needs to research. They revealed a different violence that was never thought of; between teachers and students. They derived numbers to support the seriousness of the study, stipulated the manner in which these offenders should be treated and the right measures to be put in place to prevent the act.

Researches in the paper took much effort on the prevalence and prevention recommendation of the paper rather than reasons causing the violence in schools. Although the research seems to focus more on teachers as victims if thought through in relation to the ongoing debate it is creates a different picture. When and how does school violence begin and at what point does it qualify as crime. The victims may remain the same but the offenders and kind of offences have changed. It is agreeable with the research findings that teachers and students are faced by challenges of violence. The recommendations of the research also can play a very vital role in ending violence. However with this recent event is just exposes how many lives are in danger and how the simple school violence can escalate to fatal attacks.

School violence is majorly the mental or bodily harm done to a student or member of staff by colleagues or school mates. However, in most of the school the perpetrators are suspended, sent to special schools, expelled or go unpunished. In most cases they are not punished since the report do 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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