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1. stratan. level or class in society, pl. of stratum (社会的)阶层
e.g.: a gathering of people from a variety of social strata
2. reconciliationn. the reestablishing of cordial relations or getting two things to correspond 和解,调和,一致
e.g.: the reconciliation of ideas, opinions, etc.
派生词汇 reconcile v. (使)和好 reconcilement n. 和好 reconciler n. 和解人
reconciliatory adj. 调和的
3. prorataadv.& adj. in proportion成比例
e.g.: If production costs go up. There will be a prorata increase in prices / process will increase prorata.
4. fiatn. formal authorization, order or decree 谕,命令,法令
e.g.: The opening of a market stall is governed by municipal fiat.
5. complementn. thing that goes well or suitable with sth else, or make it complete 相配合的事物;补充物;补足物
e.g.: Rice makes an excellent complement to a curry dish.
派生词汇 complementary adj. 补充的
6. ineligible①adj. not having the appropriate or necessary qualifications (for sth.)
e.g.: Any person under the age of 18is ineligible for benefit.
②n. one that is not eligible 不合格的人
e.g.: The ineligibles are those extremely poor people.
必背搭配 (be)ineligible for ; ineligible to do
派生词汇 ineligibility n. 不合格 ineligibleness n.不合格 ineligibly adv. 不合格地
7. curatorn. a person in charge of a museum, an art gallery, etc. 博物馆,美术馆等(的)馆长
e.g.: He had worked as a curator.
8. immunityn. ability to resist infection, disease, etc. 免疫力
e.g.: This vaccine will give you immunity for two years.
派生词汇 immune adj. (常与against, from, to连用)免疫的;免受(伤害)的;(常与from, to连用)被豁免的 n. 免疫者 immunize vt. 使有免疫力,使免除;immunization n. 免疫作用
9. unmaskvt. Remove a mask from sb. 除去某人的面具
e.g.: The revelers unmasked at midnight.
10. homosexual①adj. sexually attracted only to people of the same sex as oneself同性恋的
e.g.: He has the homosexual tendencies.
②n. a homosexual person; a gay man or a lesbian 同性恋者
e.g.: He is a homosexual.
派生词汇 homosexuality n. 同性恋爱
11. seatbeltn. a safety belt used in a car or plane to hold you in your seat in case of an accident 飞机、汽车等的安全带
e.g.: Fasten your seatbelt!
12. shoulder-strapn. narrow strip of material that goes over the shoulder to support a bra, nightdress, etc. 保护肩膀的肩带
e.g.: The dress’s shoulder-strap was broken.
13. enhancevt. Increase(the good qualities of sb / sth), make (sb / sth)look better增强某人的优点,使某人看起来更好
e.g.: Those clothes do nothing to enhance her appearance.
派生词汇 enhancement n. 增加,提高
14. overpowervt. Be too strong or powerful for sb by greater strength or numbers 强得使某人承受不住,以力量或数量战胜某人
e.g.: The police easily overpowered the burglars.
派生词汇 Overpowering adj. 不可抗拒的;压倒(优势)的;极强大的
15. ergonomicsn. study of work and working conditions in order to improve people’s efficiency 工效学,工作环境改造学(与单词动词连用)
e.g.: He is an expert at ergonomics.
派生词汇 ergonomist n. 工作环境改造学家,生物工艺学家 ergonomic (ergonomical) adj. 人机工程学的,人与机械控制的
He was __1__to vote, because he didn’t belong to the club.
The criminal wad told he would be __2__from punishment if he helped the police.
__3__ activities are lawful in many countries.
She had sweetness to her face, a warmth that was __4__ by luminous dark eyes.
__5__ is the applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.
The works protect against the privileged__6__.
A __7__ has been made between the t论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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