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Case Study of Etiquette in Business Negotiation-礼仪在商务谈判中的案例分析 [4]

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关键词:Etiquette in Business Negotiation商务谈判礼仪Case Study案例分析international business

摘要:In business negotiation, both parties are not only for their own benefits but also for their mutual benefits, so both parties should pay much attention to the manners in the business negotiation, especially for the host party. 在商务谈判中,双方不仅是为了自己的好处,同时也为他们的共同利益,因此双方应重视商务谈判中的礼仪,特别是对主人一方。

In common, the language should be polite, simple to understand, flat, firm and sometimes can be humorous. But before we have said that business negotiation relates to mutual benefits and various relations, so there always have divergences. And sometimes you will meet some embarrassments, for example, if the other party forces you to make a decision at once, but you can not. In this case, do not say “Let me think about it.” or “It’s hard for me to make a decision right now.” for these kind of sentences will impress others of lacking of judgment. At this moment, you can politely say that“Excuse me, could you please wait for several minutes? I want to wash my hands now.”which can give you several minutes to think about the question and then make a decision.

When the speaker flouts the talk openly, in other words, the speaker and the hearer both know the speaker is flouting certain contents, the hearer may think the speaker is lying or saying irrelevantly. Then he may regard it as unrespectable. Naturally he would behave impolitely. Finally, the negotiation has to be broken off. 
In business negotiation, there are several points should be noticed. First, do not say “Yes” easily. Though we have prepared sufficiently, inevitably there will be some difficult problems. Some negotiators may easily say “Yes” to save the face---especially for the Chinese leaders. If you said “Yes”, which means you have agreed with them, and you cannot change your opinion any more, but always it will harm your own benefit. If you are not very familiar with the problem, you can consult others or put it aside and give the customer answer later. 
Second, in business negotiation, there are some questions that should be avoided. Do not ask hostility questions. No matter the other party comes from which country, is of what kind of race, or cultural background, they should be treated fairly. Do not use any language with hostility and discrimination. Do not ask the questions about their personal lives. Especially the Chinese think that asking some questions about the family or personal lives can make the customers feel friendlier. But in most countries, especially in business talks, they do not like to answer the questions about their salaries, family conditions, or the age of their wives. These questions are private, so do not talk them in business negotiation. The last one, do not ask the questioned questions. For example, you are afraid that the other party can not understand your question; you will ask them “Do you understand me?”  The question is a kind of disrespect to others, for it means that you are questioning others’ understanding abilities. So do not always ask these kinds of questions in business talks. 
The view on writing of business correspondence, which is
seven—Cs principle, that is, be clear, concise, correct, courteous, conversational, convincing and complete. To some extent,this writing principle can be applied to speaking of business English because of its broad instructing significance.In the process of business negotiation,it is beyond doubt that the negotiators need to state their intentions clearly and exactly, meanwhile, the necessity of being vague can never be ignored as to achieve a perfect communication goal.
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