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John Sebastian Bach . (Johann sebation bach), Sime He was born in the city of love to a musical family . Is Germany's greatest and most outstanding composers. Eighteen -year-old has served many churches and court Kapellmeister and organist . In Bach's organ player and famous during his lifetime only . After the death of all his creations centuries before they get due recognition and respect. He deeply religious , the church and the church hymn many musical instruments as their organist and musical ideas creative material core , but he also greatly affected by the influence of bourgeois enlightenment , which makes his religious works significantly exceeded church music norms, with particularly rich secular emotions and special bold innovative.



Bach family, out of , a lot of the German organist and music director of the local , but also is a long tradition of musical family . Thus, it also gives Bach 's music in the future road zhong laid a solid foundation. This and his music on the road in his efforts and success is inseparable. Baroque been translated these three words understood as irregular pearl , which is 1600 ---- 1750 this time was seen as the Baroque period.


   " Invention" was created in Bach Kraton any long period of court music , and this is his life , though short , but the most suitable creative phase. In this small and remote duchy quiet environment , Bach 's music as long positions given him much more can go for reflection and self- creation experience accumulated idle time . Keyboard music during the creation of many works . Including the "creative album ", " French Suites ", " Brandenburg Variations ", " Tempered Clavier Collection" Volume and so on. This thirty creative song is playing Bach's teaching his children , in order to make the children do not lose patience finger training while gaining some experience and creative composer and creative keyboard music. Bach is a special love travel office, which he broadened his horizons , and because the subject of Enlightenment thinking, which makes the creation of his music is no longer conservative . His music has taken to creative harmonies based on the bit , in which the use of a rapid tone , abnormal sound skips , dissonance and chromatic harmonies new methods. While his ideas in order to smooth singing songs and exquisite ornamentation , so the value of creative music get higher , better reflected.

Bach's two-part and three- part " creative music" , is the coexistence of two sets of technical and artistic works . Popular terms , that is, they can practice the piano skills to use, and can be as beautiful music to enjoy , which is a purely technical Czerny etude is completely different . If we say that the Bach two and three-step song as pure creativity to come join etude , so seems to be inappropriate. Playing music in his ideas to the people is a good feeling to enjoy , simple but not dull, mundane but not so secular music , giving people feel not only his melodie论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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