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关键词:赔偿法案Law EssayCompensation Act侵权法



2006年补偿法案的诞生为的是防止大量的案件涌向法院。在当今社会,对于大多数公民来说,索赔赔偿已成为一个重要的组成部分,这是因为补偿是基于一种日常的处理,并且这种类型的文化也被认为是可以接受的。在MajrowskivGuy和St Thomas NHS Trust2007的案例[1]中,不管个人遭受的损失或伤害或大或小,个人都将从其他人那里得到补偿,这也将成为一种循环,永远不会结束这种补偿文化。

如果2006年补偿法案未能首先解决补偿文化的问题,侵权法就会建立。给补偿和赔偿文化定义一个术语是很重要的。[2] 补偿文化的定义是指一个人因为他们受到了与这个伤害有关,或应该为其负责的人的损害、损失或伤害,他应该得到补偿,这种认知是一个社会完全认可的。[3] 补偿的定义是指对受到伤害的人给予或偿还资金来恢复他们的损失或损害。

Understanding The Compensation Act Of 2006 Law essay

The Compensation Act 2006 came into place to prevent a vast amount of cases flooding the courts. Claims for compensation have become an essential part for a majority of citizen’s in today’s society, as compensations are dealt on a daily basis and it is seen acceptable for this type of culture. This is shown in the case [1] of MajrowskivGuy and St Thomas NHS Trust2007 where it was held that individuals will seek to get compensated from others no matter how big or small the damage or loss is which they have suffered and will be in a circle which will never end of this compensation culture.

Within tort law to establish if the Compensation Act 2006 has done little to address the problems of the compensation culture firstly it is important to define the term compensation and compensation culture. [2] The definition of compensation culture is defined as it is perfectly permissible for a society to believe that an individual should be compensated as they have suffered damages, loss or injury from the person who is responsible or connected with the injury. [3] The definition of compensation is to restore the loss or damage where money is given or received or reparation for the person who has suffered. Compensation culture has risen extravagantly to show that claims for compensations are made over unimportant and insignificant matters thus resembling the compensational culture’s existence.

The introduction to Access of Justice Act 1999 which involves the CFAs conditional fee arrangements establishment this enables each and every individual to have the right to claim compensation and the [4] no win no fee rule encourages more and more people to claim as there is only a win situation where if the claim for compensation is ineffective then the solicitors can get the fees from the opposition party and the risks of financial litigation have been reduced.

The Compensation Act 2006 has a number of issues regarding the rise in the compensational culture and one of the key points against the Act is that it has done little to address the compensation culture. Within this essay I will discuss the points regarding how effective the Act is and discuss the parts of the act which require reviewing also if necessary change in order for the Act to have complete control and affect. Looking at the Compensation Act 2006 which you can say that has made an attempt to deal with the amount of claims the courts look at but the argument is that certain parts of Act decrease the number of claims but not to the full extent which it possibly could do.

Looking at s.1 (A) [5] ”A court considering a claim in negligence or breach of statutory duty may, in determining whether the defendant should have taken particular steps to meet a standard of care (whether by taking precautions against a risk or otherwise), have regard to whether a requirement to take those steps m论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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