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Managerial Turnover: A Problem? Retention: Deciding to Act 管理层流失:一个问题?保留:决定采取行动
1. Is the loss of 30 managers out of 120 in one year cause for concern?
Employees' turnover can be caused by different reasons. Every organization management should be concerned about it as employees with value may be lost in its event. HCLC should be concerned about the loss of 30 site managers because they may be leaving the organization due to job dissatisfaction. Proper research should be conducted so that it can be established the reason why these employees are leaving HCLC. Though this turnover is a quarter of the managers present in the organization, ascertaining, tracking and recording of reasons as to why managers are leaving must be a concern so that this can be used in future to measure and analyze turnover. Each manager exit must always be classified as either downsizing, discharge or voluntary exit so that in the end, the calculation of turnover rates becomes possible (Heneman, 2009). They may be leaving HCLC because there is low motivation. External conditions in comparison to what is offered in HCLC may be another contributory factor to this turnover. It should thus be analyzed so that we can know what is that managers are going for out there in the market that we are not offering. Unless we become concerned about this, we may miss the opportunity to retain some of those managers who may have become quality workers in future. An even higher turnover may be experienced if we don't address the issue at the present. This may even taint the image of our organization such that even securing contracts may become a problem. This is because prospective will always associate HCLC with instability of tenure.

Several costs accrue as a result of turnover. HCLC may experience several challenges and risks due to time, legal, performance, revenue, severance and material costs if the trend will persist to the future. Those managers who are leaving may even leave with other employees where the resultant effect will be decline in performance, talent losses, and disruptive discipline. Later, we may be unable to locate, attract or hire high quality managers able to help the organization achieve its strategic objectives.

2. What additional data should we try to gather to learn more about our managerial turnover?

The kind of organizations and their work environment those who leave HCLC join proves to be very relevant in understanding our current problem. There may be something that they are pursuing in those organizations that we are not offering. This may be attractive packages offered by our competitors and thus we may end up recommending for pay rises. All managers should be listed down with the main reason as to why they left HCLC so that we can analyze the major causes of managerial turnover. It's said that most of the times employees in any organization will quit their bosses but not their jobs (CSL solutions, 2009). This is because of the relationships that exist between t论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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