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下面的报告综合研究从各种来源的信息,考虑什么是奢侈品;为什么奢侈品在中国有很大的市场;为什么说是奢侈品的销售不会受到通胀的影响。虽然中国不是一个发达的国家,中国仍占据世界几个最重要的国家。这份报告是在谈论奢侈品销售,中国市场被选作背景。由于中国的金融问题已经得到了全球的关注,本研究报告可以说明中国的财政状况的缩影。在奢侈品销售的增加能揭示中国金融的许多方面,比如中国的可支配收入,中国人的心理,而销售奢侈品和中国政府政策的企业的方针。The following report combines researched information from various sources to consider What is luxury good; why luxury goods have a big market in China; why is the sale of luxury goods not affect by inflation. Although China is not a developed country, China still occupy the several most important countries in the world. This report is talking about the sales of luxury goods, China’s market is chosen as the background. Since the finance problem of China already  received the global attention, this research report can illustrate the epitome of China’s financial situation. The increase in sales of luxury goods can reveal many  aspects of  China’s finance,such as Chinese disposal income, Chinese psychology, the guideline  of the firms which sale luxury goods  and the China’s government policy.

IV. What are luxury goods什么是奢侈品

In fact, everything can be a luxury good. In general, a thing which can be satisfied to us and need high-consumption is called “luxury goods”. Many people think that “luxury goods” just a bag, a watch, a pair of shoes or a dress, but the fact is not. Luxury items can show the luxury aspect in many ways, such as high-spending in house furnishings, a sea view villa, a luxurious wedding and so on.
A. Definition of luxury good
' Products which are not necessary but which tend to make life more pleasant for the consumer. In contrast with necessity goods, luxury goods are typically more costly and are often bought by individuals that have a higher disposable income or greater accumulated wealth than the average.'(Businessdictionary.com)
According to Shukla(2010),the notion of luxury has been prefer in varieties of forms because  the threshold of culture.As it is in modern societies,its character was just as considerable in old empires which is located in western and eastern. The expenditure of luxury was limited to the essence classes with the clear diversity between social classes in early culture.Whatever the poor people does not have and the essence can was identified as luxury. It also signify the difinition of luxury was relatively removel. 
The potential construct’s definition is customer and situation specific,as the term “luxury” is used in everyday lives to deal with inevitable the way of life.  A piece of cookie would be a really big luxury good for you,if you acquire less than $20 a day. On the other side, if you are planning to a get-together with some big-wigs a $100,000 automobile might not be a luxury item. The word luxury stems from the Latin language “luxus” delegate, “soft or unreasonable living, indulgence, gorgeousness or abundance”. But, due to the forceful containing of human factor and value identification from other people, luxury is very unstable term to define .
Figure. 1 Definition of luxury goods
According to Ward(2011),  there a point that below a modern-day chart indexes at which we are satisfied, after which we cannot be deeply satisfied and merely have too much which fails to please. The only dare to this statement is that the natural restriction might be di论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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