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论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis登出时间:2014-07-11编辑:lgg点击率:1603

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摘要:本文是英语语言学论文,In this thesis, two theories will be applied to the study of radiotelephony English,one is the adaptation theory, and the other is the cooperative principle. Both of themare major achievements and findings in the pragmatic research.

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Motivation of the thesis
This thesis was originally supposed to select some popular branches of Englishfor Specific Purposes (ESP) such as Medical English, tourism English, businessEnglish, English for science and technology and so on, but the author discovered thatthese hot branches for ESP have been deeply and comprehensively explored andalready achieved very good results after consulting the related literature. If keepingresearching on these topics,it will be difficult to find a breakflirough. In this case, theentire paper will be prattling about theories, which is of no practical significance.Through consulting information and literature continually, the author eventually foundradiotelephony English which needs more profound study. Because radiotelephonyEnglish is a semi-artificial language, it doesn't develop perfectly. Besides,thelanguage ability of the relative practitioners is limited. All these factors makeradiotelephony English a topic worth probing into. It's the highlight to combine theadaptation theory and the cooperative principle to give a pragmatic analysis ofradiotelephony English.After obtaining a preliminary understanding of radiotelephony English,theauthor discovers that there is a very big difference between daily communication andradiotelephony English. As a branch of ESP,radiotelephony English has its uniquelanguage style and language phenomena which deeply attract the author to study howthe practitioners communicate with each other under such language system. Here,thecooperative principle plays a very essential role as a guideline for the communicationbetween the ground-air sides. But radiotelephony English also has the part of commonEnglish,because it is created on the foundation of common English,and the standardphraseologies can't cover all the situations the ground-air sides may encounter.

1.2 Significance of the Thesis
In this thesis, two theories will be applied to the study of radiotelephony English,one is the adaptation theory, and the other is the cooperative principle. Both of themare major achievements and findings in the pragmatic research. Cooperative principleis a relatively old theory, which is used by researchers to study various languagephenomena but rarely radiotelephony English. The aviation flight has its own features,even minor mistakes in the communication between the ground-air sides may causeair traffic accident, or even tragedies, so there is necessity and possibility to applycooperative principle to guide the research of radiotelephony English. As for theadaptation theory, it's a relatively new and all sided theory, which has become a newfavorite for scholars to do their research,but there's still no one associating it withradiotelephony English at home and abroad. If guided by the adaptation theory, thecommunication between the pilots and the air traffic controllers can be much easieraccepted by each other,thus reducing the air traffic accident to a very large extent. Itcan be simply said that the cooperative principle makes the communication correctwhile the adaptation theory makes it smooth and successful. Only when there is noproblem with the air-ground communicating, can the flight achieve twice the resultwith half the effort The significance of this study lies not only on that it's abrand-new perspective to combine these tw论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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