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Chapter OneThe Crisis in the Natural World

Shakespeare’s comedies contains many green worlds. The green world in As Youlike It is typical for ecological study because as a light comedy, As You Like It hascentered its focus on social practice which contains social injustice and unhappiness. Itmocks the anti-social behavior and the so-called upper class value system with a relaxedmanner. Actually, the green world in Shakespeare’s comedies is the metamorphosis ofthe garden of Eden which has magic power to sets all evil things to good. Afteranalyzing this comedy from the perspective of ecological thinking, we can have aclearer recognition of the relationship between human and the natural world. Humanbeing may get the chance to think about their own status reasonably and reconsider theirwrong doings which leads to ecological crisis in nature by the aid of ecocriticismapproach.In the age of Renascence8, god-centered policy shifted to human being-centeredpolicy. People are encouraged to pursue real happiness, and their desires for a muchbetter life are being accepted widely. Humanism9has its own value in itself, but it alsobrings some negative effects to our nature and its concepts are some kind of dangerousto the nature.As a kind of vital religion, humanism is a part of daily life and its tenetsare accepted like Bible which cannot be called into question. David Ehrenfeld analyzesthat the core meaning of humanism is the supreme worship of reason of human beings,which advocates that human beings are capable of handling every thing in the world andhave the right to dispose all the things in nature for the sake of their own better life.10According to the tenets of humanism, the supreme power of reason is invincible and itdenies the other kinds of powers like power of God, the supernatural power and eventhe power of unpredictable nature. The last power-unpredictable nature, believed bythe humanists, can be manipulated and rearranged by human beings. They asset thathuman wisdom is capable of achieving whatever they want to achieve and claim thathuman beings should live only for themselves. Another fact should be noticed is thatpeople unconditionally believe in science and technology and therefore to some extentwithin the humanism tenets, there exists strong anti-nature thought. According to thetradition of humanism, there exist the binary apposition between nature and humanbeing, logic and emotion and so on. Human arrogance has developed itself excessivelyafter the technological and scientific development during the Renaissance time. Thesuccess in the field of technology make human being more proud of their own abilityand will not rein in their ego in terms of manipulating nature. In late Renaissance time,there exists a belief that the whole organization of biosphere exists for the benefit ofhuman being. Nature is a present for human being and the latter have the right to controlnature, which is inferior to human being. The humanists believed deeply in the power ofhuman being and hardly noticed any possible dangerous ends which may causes by thedominion of the earth.
Ecologist John Passmore once claims that in western world, nature is always beendeemed as inferior to human being.11This doctrine has long been accepted as aninherent notion which cannot be questioned. Thus, nature is thought as a a capture to beravaged rather than a friend. The doctrine of Christianity12sees nature as a slave ofhuman being, and all the other orga论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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