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摘要:代写英国史职称论文-英国史学研究考-medieval literature Old English literature England island residents Celtic and early other tribes, leaving no written literature.

代写英国史职称论文-英国史学研究考-A, medieval literature
Old English literature England island residents Celtic and early other tribes, leaving no written literature. 5 th century, the original live Nordic three Germanic tribes-anglian, Saxon and jutes-infiltrating British, their epic "bei Mr WuFu" preach down. In poem the hero Beowulf WuFu kill trolls, dou duron, and conquer the nature in the process of evil forces died for the people. It is the background and circumstances of northern Europe, but have mixed with Christian composition, show for several modifications epic is not the original features. According to save in a 10 century version of the manuscripts in perspective, the structure of the poem is complete, written as vivid, using alliteration and stressed words and embodies the Old English poetry appellation of characteristics.
6 th century, Christianity was introduced into England, the emergence of a religious literature. The monks in Latin and write books, including the than Germany the British people's religious history "(complete in 731) both rare historical facts, and have abound the legend of philosophy, and is honored, and translated into English.
Since then, the Danish invasions, many temples were destroyed in BingHuo, academic fade away. 9 th century, wei Essex king Alfred strong resistance to Dan, at the same time to the academic, please a group of scholars will Latin translation work for English, and encourage write the Anglo-Saxon-Saxon chronicle, it is to use English to write the history of the local language began.
Middle English literature in 1066, the Norman invasion, brought the feudal system of the European continent, also brought a group of French nobleman. Old English is the dominant class the effect of language, itself is in play a change, the 12 th century development as the middle English. Literature also appears on the new trend, prevailed in rhyme write knight of legend, they sing praise to the Lord with a loyal to a lady of her love and high, of which the high art "GaoWen jazz and green knight". It first rhyme with the body languages, content is ancient king Arthur's a "knights" adventures.  http://www.51lunwen.org/uk/ 
14 (superscript th) century, middle English literature reached the peak. This period of important poet Geoffrey Chaucer's creation process, from the early stage of France and Italy works of imitate, into the later British ecru realistic, show that the British literature of confidence. His masterpiece the Canterbury tales in exquisite, lively rhyme, describes a group of pilgrims to Canterbury of speech manner; They come from different classes and industry, each of the story, or vulgar or, and reveals the various social reality. At the same time, and the church staff LanGeLun write head little rhyme body long poem "the farmer Pierce" (a translation of the farmer Peter's dream "), in the form of dream and the symbol of the implied meaning, wrote the 1381 riots of the rural farmers and reality, often took serious poems was is feeling. The lower people's emotions as catharsis and folk songs, they are often in the long time of orally before writing decide, first among them in the 15 th century codex's Robin Hood ballads, described the a group of farmers, hit man church monks and law enforcement collectors deeds, told today.
Second, the Renaissance literature the 16 th century, because the new route discovered overseas trade developed, the British national strength gradually full, nationalism, 1588 van论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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