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1.We have to ask them to quit talking in order that all people present could hear us clearly.
A) decrease B)cease
C) continue D)keep

2. They had a far better yield than any other farm miles away around this year.
A) goods B) soil
C) climate D) harvest
3. The city has decided to do away with all the old buildings in its center.
A) get rid of B) set up
C) repair D) paint
4.During the past ten years there have been dramatic changes in the international situation.
A) permanent B) powerful
C) striking D) practical
5. Since the Great Depression, the United States government has protected farmers from damaging drops in grain prices.
A) slight B) surprising C) sudden D) harmful
6. Cement was seldom used in building the Middle Ages.
A) crudely B) rarely C) originally D)occasionally
7. There is an abundant supply of cheap labor in this country.
A) a steady B) a plentiful C) an extra D) a stable
8. The most crucial problem any economic system faces is how to use its scarce resources.
A)puzzling B) difficult C) terrifying D) urgent
9. We derive knowledge mainly from books
A)deprive B) obtain
C) descend D)trace
10.We all consider him a man of dynamic personalities.
A)dangerous B) doubtful
C)active D)easy
11. The room was furnished with the simplest essentials, a bed, a chair, and a table
A)supplied B) gathered
C)grasped D)made
12. The local government decided to merge the two firms into a big one.
A)motivate B) combine
C)compact D)nominate
13. He emphasized a feasible plan which can be accepted by the both sides.
A)favorable B) possible
C)formal D)genuine
14. When does the next train depart?
A)pull up B) pull down
C)pull out D)pull in
15. Because administering the whole company, he sometimes has to work around the clock.
A)adjusting B) evaluating
C)engaging D)managing
Why is the Native Language Learnt So Well
How does it happen that children learn their mother tongue so well? When we compare them with adults learning a foreign language, we often find this interesting fact. A little child without knowledge or experience often succeeds in a complete mastery of the language. A grown-up person with fully developed mental powers, in most case, may end up with a faulty and inexact command. What accounts for this difference?
Despite other explanations, the real answer in my opinion lies partly in the child himself, partly in the behavior of the people around him. In the first place, the time of learning the mother tongue is the most favorable of all, namely, the first years of life. A child hears it spoken from morning till night and, what is more important, always in its genuine form, with the right pronunciation, right intonation, right use of words and right structure. He drinks in all the words and expressions, which come to him in a flash, ever-bubbling spring. There is no resistance: there is perfect assimilation.
Then the child has, as it were, private lessons all the year round, while an adult language-student has each week a limited number of hours, which he generally shares with others. The child has another advantage:论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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