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1. The normal price of a ticket for an adult is $230.
A) ordinary B)proper
C) fair D)medium
2.We have to ask them to quit talking in order that all people present could hear us clearly.
A) decrease B)cease
C) continue D)keep
3.The Klondike was the scene of one of the biggest gold rushes the world has ever known.
A) location B)view
C) event D)landscape
4. Of the reptile groups, the snake group was the final one to appear.
A) last B)best
C) ugliest D)longest
5.Universities usually give diplomas or certificates to students who complete course requirements adequately.
A) responsibly B)sufficiently
C) patiently D)successfully
6.A will is a document written to ensure that the wishes of the deceased (adj.已故的)are realized.
A) fulfilled B) accepted
C) adopted D) received
7. She has been the subject of massive media coverage.
A) extensive B) negative
C) expensive D)active
8.The conference explored the possibility of closer trade links.
A) rejected B) investigated
C)proposed D)postponed
9. What were the effects of the decision she made?
A) reasons B)results
C) causes D)bases
10. The sea was calm and still.
A) quite B)quiet
C) yet D)rough
11. In a bullfight, it is the movement, not the color, of objects that arouses the bull.
A) confuses B)excites
C) scares D)satisfies
12. Mary called me up very late last night.
A) shouted at me B)visited me
C) telephoned me D)waked me
13. Mary gets up at the same time every morning.
A) rises B)raises
C) arrives D)awakes
14. The committee comprises five persons.
A) absorbs B)concerns
A) excludes D)involves
15. All the people assembled at Mary's house.
A) collected B)fixed
C) asserted D)assist
Dining Custom
Every land has its own dining custom, and the United States is no exception. Americans feel that the first rule of being a polite guest is to be on time. If a person is invited to dinner at 6: 30, the hostess expects him to be there at 6: 30 or not more than a few minutes after. Because she usually does her own cooking, she times the meal so that the coffee and meat will be at their best at the time she asks the guest to come. If he is late, the food will not be so good, and the hostess will be disappointed. When the guest can not come on time, he calls his host or hostess on the telephone, gives the reason, and tells at what time he thinks he can come.
As guests continue to arrive, the men in the group stand when a woman enters and remain standing until she found a chair. A man always rises when he is being introduced to a woman. A woman does not rise when she is being introduced either to a man or a woman unless the woman is much older.
When the guests sit down at a dinner table, it is customary for the men to help the ladies by pushing their chairs under them.
Even an American may be confused by the number of knives, forks, and spoons besides his plate when he sits down to a formal dinner. The rule is simple, however: use them in the order in which they lie, beginning from the outside. Or watch the hostess and do what she does. The small fork on the outside on the le论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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