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职称英语(综合类C级)全真模拟试题 [6]

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_2_ If someone upsets you,just cross your arms to show you’re unhappy!
Head.When you want to appear confident,keep your head level.If you are monitor in class,you cart also take on this position when you want your words to be taken seriously. _3_
Legs.Your legs tend to move around a lot more than normal when you are nervous or telling lies.If you are at interviews,try to keep them still!
Posture.A good posture makes you feel beRer about yourself. _4_ This makes breathing more difficult,which in turn can make you feel nervous or uncomfortable.
Mouth.When you are thinking,you often purse your lips.You might also use this position to hoId back all angry comment you don’t wish to show. _5_
posture /n.姿势
A If you are feeling down,you normally don’t sit straight,with your shoulders inwards.
B If you are pleased,you usually open your eyes wide and people Can notice this.
C Outgoing people generally use their arms with big movements,while quieter people keep them close to their bodies.
D How you hold your arms shows how open and receptive you are to people you meet.
E However, it will probably still be noticed,and people will know you’re not pleased.
F However, to be friendly in listening or speaking,you must move your head a little to one side.
第六部分:完型填空 (每题1分,共15分)
Where Did All the Ships Go?
The Bermuda Triangle is one__1__the greatest mysteries of the sea.In this triangular area between Florida,Puerto Rico and Bermuda in Atlantic,ships and airplanes __2__to disappear more often than in__3__parts of the ocean。And they do so__4__ leaving any sign of all accident or any dead bodies.
It is__5__that Christopher Columbus was the first person to record strange
happenings in the area.His compass stopped working,a flame came down from the sky,and a wave 1 00 to 200.feet.high carried his ship about a mile away.
The most famous disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was the US Naval Air Flight 19.__6__December 5,1945,five bomber planes carrying 14 men.__7__ on a training mission’from the Florida coast.Later that day, all communications with Flight 1 9 were lost.They just disappeared without a trace.
The next morning,242 planes and 19 ships took part in the largest air-sea search in history. But they found nothing.
Some people blame the disappearances__8__supernatural forces.It is suggested the
__9__ships and planes were either transported to other times and places,kidnapped
by aliens__10__ attacked by sea creatures.
There are__11__natural explanations,though.The US Navy says that the Bermuda triangle is one of two places on earth __12__a magnetic compass points towards true north__13__magnetic north.__14__planes and ships can lose their way if they don’t make adjustments.
The area also has changing weather and is known__15__its high waves.Storms
Can turn up suddenly and destroy a plane or ship.Fast currents could then sweep away any trace of an accident.
Bermuda Triangle 百慕大三角区
Florida 佛罗里达,美国的一个州
Pueto Rico 波多利加]
Compass n.罗盘,指南针
Supernatural adj.超自然的
Kidnap v.绑架
Alien n.外星人
Magnetic adj.有磁性的
Trace n.痕迹
1.A)from B) Of C)about D) on
2.A)often B)look C)sometimes D) seem
3.A)rest B) another C) other D)others
4.A)without B)by C)from D)upon
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