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大学第一年计划Plan for My First Year in College

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:个人陈述 Personal Statement登出时间:2017-09-30编辑:anne点击率:5000

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关键词:大学第一年计划PlanFirst Year in College


大学是一个可以选择我自己最喜欢的课程作为我的专业的地方,是一个可以展示我自己才能和潜力的地方,是一个为我的职业规划做准备的舞台,这是非常重要的因为我有许多目标要去实现,其在我的生活中扮演着关键的角色。作为大学阶段的一个基本阶段,第一年必须有计划和花费标准,这样我们才能享受一个精彩而有意义的大学生活。College is an institution where I can choose my favorite subject as my major, a place where I can exhibit my talents and potentials, a stage to make preparation for my career planning, which is so important that I have many goals to achieve, playing a key role in my life. As a basic stage of the college period, first year must be well planned and spent so that we can enjoy a wonderful and meaningful college life.

首先,大学和高中之间的环境是有很大不同的,但我的第一个任务还是学习,因为我是一个学生。不同的是,我想要学习的是具有普遍性和无目标性的科目,能够与我的专业目标导向深入组合在一起。一方面,我需要专注于我感兴趣的话题,这可能会成为我未来工作的基础。另一方面,我能学到一些超出我专业的东西,但对我的事业却是有益的。First of all, although the environment between college and high school are quite different, my very first mission is still study since I am a student. Differently, what I want to learn is the combination of subjects that are universal and aimlessand my major that is goal-directed and deep going. On the one hand, I need to focus on the subject that I am interested in, which will probably become the basis of my future job. On the other hand, I am able to learn something beyond my major but is helpful and useful to my career.

However, college is absolutely not only about study in class. It is also a perfect stage for everyone to learn skills that he is interested, or shows his talents and potentials after class as well. As to me, I would like to join some unions and associations constructed by students with the same interests and hobbies, where I can make friends, learn new skills and contribute my abilities and strengths. For instance, I am a hiking amateur influenced by my parents for several years ago. I will join a hiking club in college so that I can make many friends with the same interest. And I believe I can learn something new duringhiking and experience sharing with others in the club.

As a lucky college student, I believe it is more important for me to understand giving when receiving. I need to make some social contributions to pay back to the society. Therefore, I will make more efforts in public service activitiessuch as being a volunteer in orphanage or geracomiumsince I will have more flexible time in college.

First year is very important because it is not only an ending of high school but also a fresh beginning of college. During this transition period, I must adjust myself to the new environment in college as soon as possible. As a result, it is much better to have a plan for it so that I am aware of what I want, what I need and what I must do during the following four years rather than wasting my youth. I believe that preparedness ensures success, unpreparedness spells failure.


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