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1. 名师指点江山:职称英语概括大意题[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 概括大意与完成句子在2003年之前的职称英语等级考试中是分开考的,从2003年开始,这两个题型被放到一篇文章中来考。本部分为一篇300~450词的短文,有两项测试任务: (1)短文后有6个段落小标题,要求应试者根据文章的内容为其中指定的4个段落各选择一个正确的小标题; (2)短文后有4个不完整的句子,要求应试者在所提供的6个选项中选择4个正确选项分别完成每个句子。 这两种题型均属于阅读理解简答题(Short Answer Questions),与传统的阅读理解简答题不同的是,它不需要考生写出问题的答案,而是给出了几个选项,让考生从中选择搭
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:6319     论文属性:考试相关 Test related

2. 2012年职称英语考试综合类a级真题及答案 概括大意和完成句子[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 第三部分:概括大意和完成句子(第23~30题,每题1分,共8分)    下面的短文后有2项测试任务:(1)第23~26题要求从所给的6个选项中为指定段落每段选择1个小标题;(2)第27~30题要求从所给的6个选项中为每个句子确定一个最佳选项。    How technology pushes down price    Prices have fallen in the food business because of advances in food production and distribution technology. Consu
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:3491     论文属性:考试题 Examination

3. 《2012年综合类职称考试》概括大意强化练习题[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • Science Fiction 1 Amongst the most popular books being written today are those which are usually classified as science fiction. Hundreds of titles are published every year and are read by all kinds of people. Furthermore, some of the most successful films of recent years have been based
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:3506     论文属性:考试题 Examination

4. 职称英语考试卫生类c级学习笔记:概括大意与完成句子(3)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • 考题预测: 1. 概括大意完成句子部分建议复习C级难度的文章,B级难度的文章可以只看science fiction (但该文章曾经作为考题考过,再出现的可能性较小)和screen test。2. 重点推荐文章:US Signs Global Tobacco Treaty; Many benefits from cancer organization; The paper chase; China seeks Donors to narrow bone marrow gap3. 非重点文章:Family Gardening,4
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:4446     论文属性:短文 essay

5. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(十一)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 11   Paris   Paris, the capital and the largest city of the country, is in north central France. The Paris metropolitan area contains nearly 20% of the nation s population and is the economic, cultural, and political center of France. The French governments have historically favore
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:4224     论文属性:短文 essay

6. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(十)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 10   Singapore  1 Singapore is an independent city-state in southeastern Asia, consisting of one major island -the Singapore island-and more than 50 small islands, located off the southern tip of Malay. The city of Singapore, the capital of the country, is at the southeastern end o
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:4141     论文属性:短文 essay

7. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(九)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 9   How did English Become a Global Language  1.The rise of English is a remarkable tale as Professor David Crystal reminds us in his attractive,short book “English has a Global language.”  2. It is certainly quite a theme. When Julius Caesar landed in Britain more than 2,000 y
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:5890     论文属性:短文 essay

8. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(八)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 8   Radio and Television  There are few homes in Britain today that do not have either a radio or television set. Both of them have become an essential part of our life, keeping us informed of the news of the day, instructing us in many field of interest, and entertaining us with s
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:3975     论文属性:短文 essay

9. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(七)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 7   Schools and Education  Life in the twentieth century demands preparation. Today, all individuals in a country must have adequate schooling to prepare them for  their work as well as for their responsibilities as citizens. With this in mind, national leaders everywhere are p
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:4125     论文属性:短文 essay

10. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(六)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 6   Work and Careers  Sometimes we say that someone  we know is a “square peg in a round hole”(1)。 This simply means that the person we are talking about is not suited for the job he is doing. He may be a bookkeeper who really wants to be an actor or a mechanic who likes cookin
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:4029     论文属性:短文 essay

11. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(五)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 5   Recreation and Sports  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular saying in the United States. Other countries have similar sayings. It is true that all of us need recreation. We cannot work all the time if we are going to maintain good health and enjoy life. Goo
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:3894     论文属性:短文 essay

12. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(四)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 4   Alaska  In 1858 Americans welcomed Alaska into the Union as the 49th state, symbolizing a change of attitude that hold in 1867, when the peninsula was purchased from Russia. Then, most Americans had little interest in 1,500,000 square kilometers “of icebergs and polar bear”-bey
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:3664     论文属性:短文 essay

13. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(三)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 3   Science Fiction  Amongst the most popular books being written today are those which are usually classified as science fiction. Hundreds of titles are published every year and are read by all kinds of people. Furthermore, some of the most successful films of recent years have be
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:4063     论文属性:短文 essay

14. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(二)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 2   Car Crime  A million motorists leave their cars filled up with petrol and with the keys in the ignition every day. The cars are sitting in petrol stations while drivers pay for their fuel. The Automobile Association(A.A) has discovered that cars are left unattended for an avera
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:3464     论文属性:短文 essay

15. 职称英语考试综合类概括大意(一)[内容预览]免费论文 Free Thesis
  • PASSAGE 1   Successful Language Learners  Some people seem to have a knack for learning languages. They can pick up new vocabulary, master rules or grammar, and learn to write in the new language more quickly than others. They do not seem to be any more intelligent than others, so what mak
  • 论文类别:概括大意     人气:3417     论文属性:短文 essay

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