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英国personal statement范例

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关键词:pspersonal statement个人陈述留学个人陈述personal statement 管理专业

摘要:本文是一篇英国留学personal statement,本文首先从自己的梦想出发,表明自己对管理学专业的执着追求,此篇范文给管理学专业的留学生一个参考,了解个人陈述需要注意些什么,需要关注些什么。



Mystified by people who reached the zenith of their career at a young age, I have longed to become one of them since my childhood. After eighteen years of cherishing this never-withering dream, I have often pondered what kind of qualities and beliefs contributed to their success. Even though there are answers in books, I would very much like to find out the truth by my own experience. I believe wit once bought is worth twice taught; and I can bootstrap my way up to the pinnacle of my profession. At that moment, fortune smiled on me.

In my sophomore year, as soon as I heard the University planned to select three students from a pool of more than twenty thousand candidates for an exchange program with Western Kentucky University, America, I realized it would be a perfect opportunity for me to widen my horizon and to enrich my knowledge. Even though the selection criteria were very stringent and demanded students not only to have outstanding academic performance and to speak fluent English, it also required the candidate to have independence and abilities to organize, dispose and coordinate complex affairs, and to be able to overcome all kinds of difficulties. I was opted for attending the final interview after a series of selective trials.

Then I was ruled out for I didn't have the English Certificate stipulated. When I heard that, I was very disappointed. Should I allow the stereotype to ruin the opportunity around the corner? At that moment, my high school headmaster's words came to me: “opportunity knocks on the door softly”. For my dreams, I must fight hard and prove my strength to the appraisal panel. Because of my persistent requests, I finally gained an opportunity, persuaded the examiners by my idiomatic and fluent English, and became one of the three winners.

In retrospect, I have learned that even though extraordinary personal qualities are key factors contributing to my abilities to organize various large scale activities at the University and Western Kentucky University, keen perception and clear vision to asses the potential for opportunities are also very important in life. Even though I can declare confidently that I have acquired many of these fundamental capacities, the study of merchant princes' success stories has taught me that I must cultivate an attitude promoting research independence, leadership and a team spirit. With the aid of the world-class program offered by your Business School, I can not fail.

I have deeply engraved in my memory the historic moment when the famous American President, Franklin Roosevelt, announced America's participation in World War II. I am overwhelmed by his brilliant decision and pine for becoming a person of consequence who can control not only his own fate but also inspire many others to fulfill their own destiny. The reason论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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