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Chapter OneDeterioration of Natural Ecology

A.Ecological Crisis Foreboded by the Rainstorm on Mississippi

The scene takes place on Jackson Island after Huck creates the gloss of his owndeath and Jim chooses to flee when he hears that his master Miss Watson is going tosell him down to south.Jim infers that it is going to rain by animal’s abnormalbehaviors,and they two form an alliance to move the necessities into a cave.Theauthor then depicts a picture of the two comfortably watching the storm.The storm tosome extent means a new start of their life and the design of the storm by the author isto establish Jim’s significant role in the journey as Huck’s company because he hasmore experience and is able to offer help.

Scholars Zhang Longhai and Zhang Wu have explored the symbolic meaning ofthe“cave”in detail in their works.According to them,the cave provides a newpsychological perspective for Huck who plays the role of“listener”and“spectator”.Taking shelter in the cave is to some extent to“escape from the outside world(hide ina hole),and to keep a moderate distance from the world(wind and rain)”.This viewshows that Huck is in a state of escaping from society.He also tries to go to the shoremany times,but he is disappointed about the life and people on land,thus he has to goback to the raft again and again.This is why he demonstrates an attitude of“avoidingthe world”,which deepens his idea of escaping from society which fits with the endingof Huck’s refusal of being adopted.


B.Ecological Plight Demonstrated Through the Fog on Mississippi

When Huck and Jim are heading down the river towards Cairo4 where Jim islonging for.The author created fog so that Huck and Jim get separated and get lost inthe entrance to Cairo.It is worth pondering why the fog comes up when the entrance toCairo is to be reached?What does the fog represent?After missing it,why don’t Huckand Jim choose to go upstream to find the entrance to Cairo?

Then another question will follow,that is,why does Mark Twain arrange Jim toobtain freedom at the end of the story,and why does Jim have to get the information ofhaving been free after experiencing physical and mental torture?This brings readers tothe question of the initiative.If Huck and Jim succeed in reaching to Cairo,then it isJim(as a slave)who takes the initiative to free himself,that is,self-liberation.If Jim istold by Tom that he has already obtained the right of freedom after the seemlyridiculous prank,he is liberated by others.According to a letter written by enslaverJoseph Labrenty of Alabama:“Rather than take$700 for Alfred,”a runaway slave whohad escaped recapture,“I would rather go into the woods and mall[sic]rails for thenext twelve months to pay the reward to have him shot”(Baptist 1260).It can be seenthat slaves were not allowed to pursue personal freedom in Mark Twain’s time of era.They did not have the right or opportunity to initiatively seek liberation.A runawayslave would be arrested and brutally punished even be killed.Therefore,as a result ofthe limitation of historical background,Mark Twain would be hard to make Jim getfreedom without efforts a论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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