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为了校正和评估对投资的回报率,必须占用研究机会的成本。本研究的成本将建立一个泄漏盈亏平衡点,因此将在选择合适的项目上有所帮助。其次,影响旅游业可持续发展的反竞争行为。值得注意的是旅游经营酒店和旅行社之间有激烈的竞争。人们往往占用旅游套餐,因为它们更便宜,更好,但由于旅行社与小企业不相上下而且由于竞争力大而使利润率低。所以很大程度上,在发展中国家旅行团费用和好处依赖于对自然的开发和与他们之间的合同情况以及来自于旅游起源过的旅游经商者 。因此,发展中国家供应商讨价还价的权力,对于扰乱发展中国家的旅游业可持续发展是一个至关重要的课题。

International tourism in developing countries

International tourism as a fact brings in a lot of foreign financial resources but then it also brings in a lot of drawbacks. The author here calls them leakages. He defines leakage as a process where the foreign exchange generated by tourism is lost due to few reasons like importing ,paying loans and promotions. The other factor influencing the leakage is the type of tourism being promoted. For example high income tourism will require very high quality and high priced goods to be imported. This will lead to a major leakage though providing high foreign exchange. Mass tourism has a higher potential in lowering the income than the ecological and adventure tourism.

In order to correct and evaluate the return on investments it is essential to take up a cost of opportunity study .This study will establish a leakage break- even point and thus will help in choosing the suitable project. Secondly the anti-competitive practices that affect tourism sustainability. Notably the tour operators the hotels and the travel agencies have fierce competitions with themselves. People tend to take up tour packages as they are cheaper and better, but due to the travel agencies having tie ups with smaller firms and the profit margin is low as the competition is high.The benefits and expenses of package tours to service suppliers in rising countries depend on a huge extent on the nature and conditions of the contracts between them and the tour operators from the tourism-originating countries. Thus, the bargaining powers of suppliers from developing countries are a vital topic disturbing the tourism sustainability of developing countries.
The tourism industry is showing sustained expansion and has achieved global acknowledgment as a major segment. Yet the tourism industry is struggling to cope with the ecological effects. Environment and social accountability is not entirely defined by many industrial players especially those of the ecotourism segment which is the unique. The issues in tourism in diversified countries are due to its own touristic features. The following are the reasons or issues in tourism sustainability.

Lack of knowledge and awareness - Few countries still lack in basic economic importance of tourism as an industry and its potential of bringing in foreign exchange and employment.

Lack of tourism safety and diversification- Modern touristic approach is towards diversification and change. Tourism developers should stick with new rapidly changing requirements of tourists. Should be ready to change to new demands and technologies.

Lack of technical know-how and weak promotional activity- Even though tourism awareness is there in many countries there are no people to bring it out .The promotions are not stronger and not exposed.

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