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论文作者:英语论文论文属性:职称论文 Scholarship Papers登出时间:2010-02-03编辑:wujun点击率:6953

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Abstract:The background of the thesis exists in the various environments of society. With the development of our modern society, many countries, China has already stepped into the line of the world for years. More and more people in the business or elsewhere are beginning to realize how important the English name really is.
Therefore, getting the knowledge of name culture to obtain an ideal English name is becoming the necessary for people. Therefore, people should learn the knowledge of obtaining an ideal English name; people should do some surveys in order to get a nice English name. To meet the people’s needs, the thesis concludes many methods for people to appreciate. For instance: the first part is the exploration of English name’s root, which makes more people know the additional meaning but not only the surface meaning of English names. The second part is general principle should be familiar when you are ready to obtain an English name. Just as: meaning and origin, how to match family name and indicial name well, and so on. The third part is different people with different names, which mainly deal with names’ individual character. Here exist different names for the babies, students or workers. And finally, some examples with the detail materials supplied to meet the people’s needs.

Key Words:English names; connotation; root; naming

摘 要:本篇论文的背景知识存在于这个变化无端的社会里。随着时代的发展,很多国家已经步入世界,其中以中国为首。因此,越来越多奋战于商场或其它领域的人逐步认识到英语名字真正的重要性。
因此,了解姓名文化已成为人们取一个理想的名字的必要。因此,人们应该学习一些取名知识,做一些取名的调查研究。为了迎合人们的需要,本论文包括了一些取名的理论与方法供人们参阅,例如: 第一部分是对英语姓名根源的探索,这可以帮助人们了解英语姓名的更深意思,第二部分是英语姓名的总体规则,例如项目的意义和根源,怎样结合姓与名。第三部分是姓名的个体差异, 针对小孩、学生、工作者应该取怎么样的名字做出了分析。最后,本论文列举了实例,并附以详细解释,以满足人们取名的需要。


Accompanying with the flying time and developing society, China presents itself before the world with power and energy. At the same time, it is indisputable that China will communicate with other countries frequently, especially the English speaking countries. So Chinese have many chances to communicate with the world. Of course, it is the high time that people needed an English name when people went abroad to travel, study, do business and work in a foreign company, they only to find that our partner can not understand the meaning of the names or pronounce the names easily. Therefore, owning one English name has become one requirement and new vogue.
Name, as a comprehensive symbol, its direct function is to unique the name of owner from others for people to call and distinguish. So, if people want to have a nice name. It would be better to do a little research than just directly pick one name from dictionary.
As is known to all, the English name is important in a world which dominated by the language of English. Name is not just a human-being’s code; it also represents many people’s nature and connotation (including character, occupation, background, education, social status, as well as advantages and disadvantages). But not all names are created equal. Some of them carry unwanted本论文英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供 connotations; some of them are so rare that they sound as foreign as some Chinese do---some Chinese names would draw sniggers and laughs; some of them would simply be inappropriate. Maybe, this thesis will bring people with exciting benefits of obtaining an ideal English name.

Ⅰ.The Exploration of English Name Roots

The formation of name revealed consanguinity and blood, in another word, we Chinese called it as ‘论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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