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compare and contrast book review essay范文

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:书评影评 Book Report/Review, Movie Review登出时间:2015-06-05编辑:zhongyu点击率:3905

论文字数:1293论文编号:org201506031407168938语种:英语论文 English地区:澳大利亚价格:免费论文


摘要:本文主要通过描写两篇短故事的情节、故事背景、主题对“A Rose for Emily” 和“A&P”两部作品不同的观点进行比较。通过对比可以看出两篇短文故事情节发展风格是截然不同。但一个重要的事实是,在每个故事中,读者可以清楚地了解信息和想象作者如何将故事发展。这是非常重要的,每个故事背后的基本理念就是吸引读者的注意。

对比比较A Rose For Emily与A&P表现手法的异同

做到让所有人满意所有人是非常困难的。很多时候,人们以不同的他们认为好的方式行为对待他们认为值得他们这么多的人。当这些行为的接受者并不认同他们所做的时往往会转而对抗他们。“A Rose for Emily” 和“A&P”中萨米的行为,这两篇短文都对于故事如何发展探索构建不同的情节设计。情节设计是在故事中一系列的事件和如何展开这些事件引起读者对这些事件所表达的内容有清晰的理解。

情节是清晰表现作者故事的导线,为它构建一个鲜活的躯体然后整部作品真实的结束。第一个故事“A Rose for Emily”就展现了一个清晰的情节。当一个事件向另一个事件有序发展时剧情就越发明显。家庭背景富裕的故事主人公艾米丽,经历了全然不同的生活,失去父亲后性格和声望也随之改变,与人们之前所知道的截然不同性格的艾米丽展现在大家面前。故事开端,艾米丽的社会地位很明显的让人看出是高阶层家庭出生。

Compare and Contrast Different Views on “a Rose for Emily” and Sammy’s Abrupt Behavior at the: “A&P”



It is a very difficult situation to please everyone. Many at times people act in different ways believing that it is for the good of the person to whom they are doing it for. This has in most cases turned against the doers when the recipients fail to recognize the efforts made by such people. The two short stories, “A Rose for Emily” and Sammy’s Abrupt Behavior at the: “A&P” both explore different kinds of plots building on how the two stories have been developed. Plot is the series of events and how they unfold in a story to bring about a clear understanding of occurrences.


The plot clearly initiates the author’s story line, builds a body to it and then makes a substantive end to the whole creation. In the first story “A Rose for Emily” a clear episodic plot is brought out. This was developed clearly when the story as the story was set on a sequential mode in which one event led to the other. Emily, the main character in the story underwent different life advances from belonging to a very wealthy family background, both through character and stature to the loss of the father that brought a new character to Emily, which was different from what people had already known before. In the initial part of the story, Emily’s societal stature was clearly presented in which people believed was of the high class family. The conflict part then came along when the father died and made Emily create a scene from the way she behaved by denying both the locals and friends the opportunity to bury her dead father until after three days when it was made clear to her that law and force are to be used if her arrogance continued. This later transcended to a state of doubt when the father eventually died, leaving people guessing how her future would be when the story came to conclusion (Dickson, 94).

In the other story Sammy’s Abrupt Behavior at the: “A&P”, a unified plot was used by the writer, Updike to the unfolding of event that took place in the story. The story happened within a very short period of time in which many different events occurred that left a defining moment for the future life of Sammy. It was however very important for us to understand that even though the two different authors used different plot structures in their writings, the main objective of plot development in the stories which was to bring a clear understanding to the reader on the sequential unfolding of events had been achieved. The author introduced the story with Sammy trying to play the good man part. This later shifts though within a very short time, to a state in which the good practices he did, land him into problems that kept his fut论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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