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Media Essays-社会媒体暴力

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2015-09-30编辑:chenyuting点击率:2495

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关键词:社会媒体Natural Born Killers电影

摘要:本文是媒体学essay范文,主要内容是讲述媒体暴力一直是我们社会最大的问题之一, 由于人们没有常识和不承担责任,媒体暴力便发生了,并且每年递增,媒体暴力大多来自于电影,游戏,和人们对他人的影响。

Media Essays-社会媒体暴力



有2人他们的生命只有杀戮,这是因为仿佛这就是他们的本性。Stone的最有争议的电影,“天生杀人狂”被杀人犯Ben Darras和Sarah Edmondson模仿。Darras和Edmondson已经杀死了超过52个人,而他们的行动过程已经成为媒体明星。他们的生活都有一段历史,并且令人难忘。尽管这两个罪犯过去的恶行,公众对此尚无定论。 Oliver Stones说:“Ben和Sarah是深深受药物,酗酒和精神治疗困扰的青少年。Ben的酒鬼父亲离婚了两次,然后自杀。Sarah带了一把枪,因为她担心Ben会攻击她。显然,有很多因素导致他们的犯罪行为更为复杂,而不仅仅是看一场电影,并去做你所看到的。为了给一个过于复杂的问题找到一个快速的答案,很多情况下像这样一直指责电影扰乱年轻人的行为,是一个荒谬的行为。

Media Essays - Media Violence Society
社会媒体暴力-Media Violence Society

Media violence has been one of our biggest problems in our community. Violence comes from every age, from a child to an adult. Violence has increased every year because people do not understand how important our life is and do not take it serious. Media violence occurs when people do not have common sense and do not take responsibility. There are couple cases that think that media violence causes society violence, and two against it. Most cases of media violence come from movies, games, and the influence people have on others, all of which have shown someone or something crucifying anything in its path. Those are some ideas about media violence throughout our society.

There are two people whose lives were only about killing; it was as if it was in their nature. Stone’s most controversial film, “Natural Born Killers” was mimicked by murderers Ben Darras, and Sarah Edmondson. Darras and Edmondson have killed over fifty two people and, in the course of their actions have become media celebrities. Both of them have a history in their life that is unforgettable. The public made this inconclusive accusation despite the troubled past of both of the offenders. Oliver Stones said “Ben and Sarah are deeply disturbed youths with histories of drug and/or alcohol abuse and psychiatric treatment. Ben’s alcoholic father divorced his mother twice, and then committed suicide. Sarah carried a gun because she feared that Ben would attack her”. Obviously, there were many factors inducing their criminal behavior further more complicated than just watching a movie and doing what you have just seen. Many cases like this one have been pointing fingers at movies for the actions of disturbed youths, doing so is a ridiculous attempt to find a quick answer to an excessively complicated matter.

Michael Zimecki believes that “ideas have consequences” and that is why the ideas expressed in a movie have a negative effect on society. To support his opinion he uses several examples of crimes that have been committed in the past and are similar to movie scenes. For example in 1993 a 9 year old girl was raped with a bottle at the beach by a group of juveniles, this incident was believed to be induced by the movie “Born Innocent” where a plunger was used to rape a victim. A boy from Pennsylvania died from imitating a movie called, “The Program”. He died in the center lane of a highway where he got ran over by a car. Michael Zimecki also uses a different approach to support his theory, he compares movies to pollution. He states “a polluter should not be allowed to escape responsibility for his actions simply because environmentally induced cancers论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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