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Cover Letter-Foreign papers writing

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关键词:Cover LetterForeign papers writing

摘要:Cover Letter-Foreign papers writing-Member of The Disaster Contractors Network, National Association of Government Contractors, Department of Homeland Security National Preparedness

 R.J. "Bob" Mahaffey
                               Bradenton, Florida  34203
                              (CGC047540) 941-518-2790

  TO: Whom it may concern
   TO: Whom it may concern   .  Traveling Project Manager / Superintendent / Fl. Qualifying Agent   
      (can provide crew for framing, drywall, painting and trim for projects east of the Mississippi River and south of the Mason/Dixon.)
  .    Board Certified and Licensed Florida General Contractor (listed on the CCR) with an A.S. degree in Architecture, Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Home& Property Inspector, FF&E Specialist.  Member of The Disaster Contractors Network, National Association of Government Contractors, Department of Homeland Security National Preparedness Coalition and currently approved to sit for the State of Florida Certified Building Inspectors examination.
  . Extensive experience with disaster relief and reconstruction, most recently with Bechtel / F.E.M.A. in southern Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina.  32,000 living units in 18 weeks and just in time for Christmas.
    .  As a member of multi-cultural management teams, successfully completed projects in Saudi Arabia, South America, Yemen and Ghana.
    .  Experience in Big Box build out, ground up, retail T.I., high rise residential, Pre-fab metal buildings, in ground utilities, work camp construction and specialized facilities construction.
   .  Successfully managed multi-lingual work forces of 50 to 500 men. TCN crews from Philippines, India, Yemen, Africa, Pakistan, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.
  .  Completed projects on time and within budget over prolonged periods in hostile environments with limited resourses.
   .  CRS+M&E, Military Airbases throughout Saudi Arabia in conjunction with the United States Air Force and the Corp of Engineers.  Held a flight line pass for the F-15's.
   .  Computer literate, MS Office, Project, Excel, Publisher, Website,  AutoCAD proficient, construction tracking software and internet savvy to include jobsite video monitoring.

•Zero (0) lost work days from an injury with my company or any project I have worked in 20+ years.
  I am in good health.  Willing to travel, both foreign and domestic.  Current shots and Passport (2017)  Salary is negotiable.

  Thank you for your time and any consideration you may grant me.  If you have any questions I can be reached at the following numbers.

     Hm  941-751-3343               Cell 941-518-2790 (primary)

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