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论文作者:陆佳慧论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2009-04-02编辑:黄丽樱点击率:10637

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关键词:trademarktranslationcultural feature商标翻译文化特征

[Abstract] The trademark is similar to person’s name. It is the symbol of production. And it would become famous along with the commercial intercourse. A lot of international trademarks have invisible property and huge fortune. The importance is obvious to see. When trademarks are translated from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese, an appropriate transmission of cultural feature can not only accurately reflect the product’s quality but also arouse the customer’s cultural association so as to create the expected advertising effect and help publicize that particular culture. So the importance of cultural feature in the translation of trademarks and how to transmit it effectively by translation is discussed by illustrating the carefully chosen examples of trademarks 商标的文化特征及翻译策略 【摘 要】现代社会中,商标词作为广告的基本组成要素在社会中起着不容忽视的重要作用。它就像个人的名字,是产品的象征。并且会随着商品的交流变的日益为人们所熟知。很多的国际知名商标都具有无形的资产和巨大的商业价值。商标的重要性由此可见。一个适当的商标译名不仅仅能精确的表达商品的特质,而且可以唤醒消费者的想象以达到宣传效果,并使消费者了解一定的文化知识。随着我国经济的迅速发展,改革开放的进一步深入,成为世界贸易组织的一员,中国产品进入国际市场的机会大大增强了,与此同时大量的外国产品涌入中国市场,各种产品在市场上的竞争越发激烈,人们开始认识到好的商标词及其恰当得体的翻译对刺激消费和开拓国际市场的重要性。因此,本文将就商标的文化特征在翻译中重要性及如何有效恰当的翻译进行讨论和分析。 “ Trademark is the designation of the merchandise. A successful trademark can catch people’s eyes and make a strong impression in their mind. It’s the symbol of the products’ quality feature. That is to say a successful trademark can satisfy the consumer’s requirement of both matter and spirit and set up a sense—‘deficit spending’in consumer’s spirit. Therefore, the traders all try their best to design various particular trademarks. They are expected to stimulating consumer’s purchasing desire by right of a good trademark.”[1](p1)However, due to the international trade become more and more frequent because of Worldwide Economy Uniformity, a trademark which translated suitably can decide whether a product can or not occupy the oversea market. As a special method of communication, the translation of trademark must consider the similarities and differences of the different language cultures. During the process of translation, the translator must adopt the flexible tactics of translation in order to translate effectively and retain the cultural feature. 1 Trademark and culture 1.1 The relationship of trademark and culture “The sociologists said that all kinds of the phenomena of culture are different. Each kind of culture evolved because of history and geography. Due to this cultural difference, the understanding of language is different.”[2](p1)As a result, it may cause a problem that people in different areas may have different understandings to a same trademark. We can see that one product which has a same trademark is popular in one area but suffers absent treatment in another area. What begets such an obstacle is the cultural difference. Therefore, how to remove the obstacle which begets by the cultural difference becomes an ineluctable problem. Trademark is a method of expression and a tool of transmission. Bao Huinan believed that “Language is the carrier of the culture. Culture is the root of language. The translation is the bridge of intercultural communication.” [3] (P1) Dai Weidong believed that there are at least four methods which human used to transmit: (1) Passing it on generation to generation by the real object. (2) Setting an example and transmitting it through the method and the principle of action. (3) Telling the offspring about some verities, methods and con论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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