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金融保险留学论文范文:研究伊斯兰保险的本质 [4]

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f the country is pro-west, with its attendant injustice and exploitation. All these combine to militate against the evolution or establishment of an Islamically acceptable system in Nigeria.
The problem associated with this research is there is not much available data for this research especially in the field of Islamic Insurance in Nigeria, due to the shortage of professionals in this field not as in the conventional Insurance.
The study is based on sources from existing available literature, whereby relevant books are consulted. Data are described and analyzed with reference to the research questions and objectives and reported in three chapters: introduction; review of relevant literature and data analysis and conclusions and recommendations.
This research is constrained by the limitation of relevant literature on Islamic insurance. In addition, limitations of time and financial resources are other constraints faced by the researcher.

文献评论——Literature  review

This chapter will be devoted to review of literature by other writers on the subject of Islamic insurance, writers have done quite a lot of work in this field by the way of defining Islamic insurance and clearing doubts about its controversy in Islamic and establishing its importance in the present day economic settings. There are also contributions on the form and items that are permissible in Islam and also suggestions on the mode of operation of Islamic insurance. We intended to look into these issues later in this chapter.
Modern insurance as it is today came to Nigeria not more than seven decades ago – several centuries younger than trading activities in the country. Long before the coming of modern insurance, some form of social scheme existed in various part of the country, this form of social scheme evolved through the existence of extended family system and social association such as age grades and other union. “The simplest form of the social insurance was practiced by means of providing cash donations, materials or sometimes organized collective labour to assist members of extended family and members of social or communal associations who suffer a mishap” (T. O. Yusuf, A. Gbadamosi, & D. Hamadu 2009). The funds are used to help any member of social or communal who may suffer from misfortune such as accident, illness, death or unemployment.
Despite urbanization and the attendant loosening of family and communal ties, some form of social scheme is still widely practiced by community groups as well as sections of middle-class Nigerians (Osoka, 1992).
Also a similar kind of this social scheme or social security was said to had existed in Northern part of Nigeria, during the then Sokoto Caliphate, the first caliph mounted an impressive labour policy and also used to give pensions and accident allowances to employee afflicted by patsy or permanent disease during the time of his employment and gets the wages continuously paid to him. If dead, his family will continue to receive the full salary unti论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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