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关键词:业务businesscar干洗dry clean

摘要:新型的洗车业务即干式洗车业务现在越来越来是大众的需求,然而如何把这个业务做大 ,做好,需要什么样的服务精神与专业技能呢?该论文重点以干式洗车业务为例,讲述了该行业应该如何发展的更好。





我们已经确定了各种服务类别,针对人们经常遇到的问题进行调查研究,在调查中他们谈到在队列中等待清洗的车辆,它们运行的时间不足,为了给他们提供方便,我们都会从上午8时至下午6时打开这个干洗车工作,。要检查这个想法的可行性,我们在40人中进行了非常小的调查,我们已经看到,我们看到受访者非常积极的回应。此外,这种想法是新的,也得到了很好的回应,目前没有一个是我们的竞争对手,我们将提供流动教学车的独特的服务,比如,能到达有洗车目的地的货车 ,还有那些满载设备的货车。

Dry mobile car wash business


Business Idea generation is a cumbersome activity. It involves deep market research in order to identify the customer needs and the options available, finding the gap and then clicking at the right time. An important aspect is the gut feeling of an entrepreneur for the success of any business; of course proper management of the business forms an indispensible part for any business's success.

Similarly here, we have thought of setting up a 'service firm i.e. dry car wash business' and the details are as under:'DRY CAR WASH BUSINESS'。We are planning to provide dry car wash business services to various car holders who would like to have their vehicle in a clean condition we will open it in jalandhar city.

We have identified that various service class people face problem when they comes in the queue for washing their vehicle in the workshops the survey because they run shortage of time and in order to provide facility to them we will open this mobile dry car wash which will work from 8 am to 6 pm in the evening. To check the feasibility of this idea , We have conducted a very small survey i.e. of 40 people and we have seen the very positive response from the respondents which has positively motivated us to proceed with this idea. Moreover this idea is new in Punjab region and it got very good response, at present no one is our competitor and we are providing unique service of mobile van, i.e. the van which will reach at the place, where there is washing of vehicle, and the van is fully loaded with all the equipments.

Our expansion strategy, in the startup we will open our garage in which the mobile vans are parked in defence colony i.e. in jalandhar because there are nearly 10,0000 lakh vehicles in jalandhar city only which will provide us a huge market to cover. But as we are the new in this business in the whole Punjab region, later on our target is to cover in the whole Punjab region.

In our case the demand exists as the individuals lead a busy life and they find hardly a time to go to workshop to get their vehicle washed.

We have identified this gap from our own experiences and so we find an opportunity to start a mobile dry car wash business.

Our initial and short term goal would be that of SURVIVAL i.e., for a period of six months and during this period we would try and popularize the concept among the customers and once we achieve this goal then sky is the limit for us.

Five years down the line we can think of going at the state level. And once we achieve this we can then only think of giving competition to some of the firms operating in the metros.

MARKET RISK is almost negligible because the demand for such services remains throughout and the threat of competition i论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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