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初中英语教学论文:On English Recitation teaching in middle school

论文作者:英语论文论文属性:职称论文 Scholarship Papers登出时间:2012-04-20编辑:lena ding点击率:10939

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关键词:English Recitation teachingmiddle school


On English Recitation teaching in middle school


1. Introduction
English, as a foreign language, has been widely learned in China for more than a hundred years. English now is becoming more and more important in international communication due to globalization. English as a language first, is most important tool for communication.
Recitation is a traditional teaching method in China, which is widely used by learners of different levels and studied by some research. For middle school students, the week point in their English learning is listening, speaking, reading and writing, which are the most difficult to improve in learning a foreign language. The middle school students have learned little in vocabulary, phrases, sentences and grammar rules. With the large amount of reading comprehension and recitation, the learner can achieve grammatical sensitivity. They can easily find the meaning of phrases and sentences tenses and so on. If they can read and recite consciously, then they can accumulate a lot of achieve words that they know well about the usage besides the meaning. This paper will research into related information about the methods of recitation, the function of recitation and I will give some recommendation about recitation learning.


2. Background information of English learning in China
In traditional English lessons, mostly in the countryside, teachers used to follow a procedure as the following; they taught all the new words in the text in isolation, went through the text sentence by sentence, phrase by phrase, pausing to explain and translate, asked individual students questions as a check of their understanding, then let students listen to the tape and read the text. Most Chinese middle school teachers lay emphasis on grammar for the sake of written exams, while on the other hand ignore the students’ development of speaking ability, leaving so many people getting high scores in paper but unable to speak English out. What should they do? How to express themselves very well? Recitation is a very effective way to learn a foreign language.


3. Basic introduction of recitation


3.1 Definition of recitation
In dictionary, the definition of recitation is, "public delivery of passages of prose or poetry learnt by heart." Simply, recitation is reading aloud the ideas that the learner wants to remember. According to Li Shangmei in Correlation between memory and recitation and its pedagogical implication said: " Recitation can also be defined as ‘learning by heart’, but ‘learning by heart’ can mean memorizing something with or without uttering it while‘ recitation’ with uttering. In this paper, the definition is represented in a broader sense, that is, so long as the language material is memorized and eventually stored in the learner's mind. "


3.2 The theory of Input and Recitation
According to Wang Qiyan on English teaching methodology: "Krashen’s input Hypothesis makes the claims that learners’ process along the natural order by understanding. Input that contains structures a little bit beyond their current level of competence and input becomes comprehensible as a result of simplification and with the help of contextual and extra linguistic clues. This kind of comprehensive input can promote acquisition. It can improve the learners’ speaking and writing accuracy." In the new syllabus, there is large amount of material and practi论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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