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回声拷贝构式“A 就 A”的构式英语语法研究

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis登出时间:2017-11-28编辑:lgg点击率:6766

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关键词:英语语法论文A 就 A构式语法负预期


Chapter OneIntroduction

1.1 Research background
It is quite common to see copying structures like “看书看多了”,“离婚就离婚”“吃了又吃”and many other in Chinese, among which “离婚就离婚” belongs to aparticular copying structure called echoic copying structure. According to Wang(2002),'Echoing' refers to the 'simultaneous response' of a language component to thepreceding discourse in speech communication, which is regarded as a reusability oflanguage components in the sense of writing. 'Copying' refers to keeping a certainlanguage component to another syntactic position in the same sentence. Echoic copyingstructure is a syntactic form in which both' echo 'and' copying 'function together. Theechoic copying structure can be denoted as 'S, A, A1”, where S represents the precedingdiscourse,Arepresents the echoic portion, andA1 represents the copying portion.The echoic copying structure, a very important and widely used structure inmodern Chinese, has aroused extensive concern of the scholars in the research field. Itcan be found in countless literatures, at the same time it is extremely common used indaily conversations and writings, which is collected and recorded in the dictionary witha large number of Chinese function words. Even though it is in high frequency, someissues are still very difficult to understand, such as the basic features of its form andmeaning, how the echoic copying structure structuralized, and the pragmatic features ofechoic copying structure.Xu Liejiong and Liu Danqing (2007) regard structures like “A Jiu A” as themember of echoic copying structure and pointed out that the structure of “A Jiu A” isunique from some certain perspectives. However, the research on this structure wasoften started with the sole form itself, the connection between the form and meaning,the discourse and structure being ignored. And echoic copying structure in Chinese ischaracterized by more complex semantics and unique structures. More specifically,idiosyncrasy of Chinese echoic copying structures is manifested in the fact that the result in this structure can be semantically verb-oriented and adjective-oriented, and istypically realized by verbs, as well as other grammatical categories such as adjectives,preposition phrases, etc.

1.2 Significance of the study
What “A” in the echoic copying structure “A Jiu A” refers to is the extraction fromthe antecedent sentence directly or indirectly. “A”, the two compositions around “Jiu”,are not only completely or partially identical in form, but also in semantics. Forexample,(1)众人有意取笑,异口同声说:“萧萧,爷爷说得对,你非做女学生不行!”“做就做,我不怕。”(文学/现代短篇)Zhongren youyi quxiao, yikoutongsheng shuo:“Xiao Xiao, yeye shuo de dui, ni feizuo nvxuesheng buxing.”“Zuo jiu zuo, wo bupa.”They teased Xiaoxiao,“Grandpa is right, you have to play a girl’s part.”“I will take it, I am not afraid!”(2)“后来人家就警告邓小平,说你这样子要香港,香港会变成一个空的城,人都跑掉了。邓小平说,空城就空城,我就要这个空城。”(李敖对话录)Houlai renjia jiu jinggao Deng Xiao-ping, shuo ni zheyangzi yao Xianggang,Xianggang hui biancheng yige kongdecheng, ren dou paodiaole. Deng Xiao-pingshuo, kongcheng jiu kongcheng, wo jiu yao zhege kongcheng.Then someone warned Deng Xiaoping that HK would turn out to become an emptycity with no residents if you enact the law of One country, Two systems on HK. OurMr. Deng said that if it really turned out to be an empty city, then let it be.Though echoic copying structure “AJiu A” always show itself in the conversation,it is still possible for u论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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