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Singing Alarms Could Save the Blind
  If you cannot see, you may not be able to find your way out of a burning building ---- and that could be fatal. A company in Leeds could change all that ___1__ directional sound alarms capable if guiding you to the exit.
  Sound Alert, a company ___2___ the University of Leeds, is installing the alarms in a residential home for ___3__ people in Sommerset and a resource centre for the blind in Cumbria. ___4___ produce a wide range of frequencies that enable the brain to determine where the ___5__ is coming from.
  Deborah Withington of Sound Alert says that the alarms use most of the frequencies that can be ___6___by humans. “It’s a burst of white noise __7___ people say sounds like static on the radio,”she says. “Its life-saving potential is great.”
  She conducted an experiment in which people were filmed by thermal—imaging cameras trying to find their way out of a large __8___ room. It __9___ them nearly four minutes to find the door __10____ a sound alarm, but only 15 seconds with one.
  Withington studies how the brain __11____sounds at the university. She says that the __12___ of a wide band of frequencies can be pinpointed more easily than the source of a narrow band. Alarms ___13____ the same concept have already been installed on emergency vehicles.
  The alarms will also include rising or falling frequencies to indicate whether people should go up __14___ down stairs. They were __15__ with the aid of a large grant from British Nuclear Fuels.
  1. A. without B. with C. having D. selling
  2. A. run by B. changed by C. decorated by D. criticized by
  3. A. slow B. deaf C. blind D. lame
  4. A. Alarms B. Alarm C. The alarm D. The alarms
  5. A. noise B. sound C. music D. bell
  6. A. watched B. produced C. learnt D. heard
  7. A. where B. what C. that D. how
  8. A. smoked B. smoke-filled C. filled with smoke D. smoke-filling
  9. A. has taken B. takes C. took D. will take
  10. A. on B. near C. without D. from
  11. A processes B. produces C. possesses D. proceeds
  12. A. feature B. quality C. diagram D. source
  13. A. basis on B. base on C. basing on D. based on
  14. A. or B. and C. but D. otherwise
  15. A. developed B. determined C. discovered D. delivered
  Singing(唱歌的) Alarms(警报器)Could(能够) Save(挽救) the Blind(定冠词 + 形容词,表示一类人,盲人)
  1>. If you cannot see(看见), you may not be able to find(找到) your way out of(出来) a burning(正在着火的) building(大楼) ---- and that could be(可能是) fatal(致命的).
  2>. A company in Leeds(英国利兹市) could change(改变) all(所有的) that(代词,指前一句所表达的内容) ___1__ directional(定向的) sound alarms(声音警报器) capable of(有能力的) guiding(引导) you to the exit(出口).
  A. without B. with C. having D. selling
  3>. Sound Alert(声音警报器), a company(逗号前面是公司名字) ___2___ the University of Leeds(利兹大学), is installing (安装)the alarms in a residential home(收容所) for ___3__ people in Sommerset and a resource centre(资源中心) for the blind (盲人)in Cumbria.
  A. run(经营) by B. changed(改变) by
  C. decorated(装修) by D. criticized(批评) by
  分析:我们知道Sound Alert是一家公司的名字,从语意上判断应该是由某人经营,因此选择答案A较为合适。
  3. A. slow慢的 B. deaf聋的 C. blind瞎的 D. lame瘸的
  分析:这篇文章的核心内容就是有关盲人警报器的,而且后半句也提到a resource centre(资源中心) for the blind (盲人),所以顺理成章地得出结论应是C。 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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