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Politics Essay:非洲殖民主义的政治

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2015-11-16编辑:jiaqiqin点击率:8287

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关键词:Africa PoliticsColonialism经济发展


Politics Essay:非洲殖民主义的政治
The Colonialism Of Africa

非洲殖民主义,通过现在开始的土地和奴隶贸易,直接关系到国家的形势。 15世纪晚期的奴隶贸易很受欢迎,特别是在英国,法国,和荷兰,他们早1650 - 1830年交易了近450万名奴隶(“奴隶贸易”pr.3[2])。 然而阿拉伯长期以来参与非洲奴隶贸易,从第8到19世纪运输了2000万奴隶(奥斯汀pg.275[4])。 殖民主义的另一重要部分,是殖民地国家在其权力下的部分地区的土地的划分。 “非洲争夺战”入侵,主要是非洲的殖民主义和控制欧洲殖民列强(麦凯pg.738[5])。这2个因素极大地促使了非洲的战争、腐败和饥荒。

非洲三重威胁是由战争、腐败和健康构成的,这是由于很多的原因。 战争是像FDLR和M23的激进组织,以及像刚果民主共和国卢旺达种族屠杀和冲突不断的内战(DRC)。 腐败是由于内部和外部因素引起,激进组织控制了矿山和公司企业利用资源。 健康是由于艾滋病和艾滋病毒流行,疟疾和饥荒。 这三个问题的结合,创造了非洲如今的支离破碎。

非洲大陆,应该是有一个更好的社会和经济地位,因为它拥有丰富的自然资源,辛勤工作的人,多样性文化,但少数人只为自己谋求利益。 援助只会拖延非洲建立一个坚实的基础,它可以独立地提高自己。发展是解决非洲冲突的关键。

The colonialism of Africa is related directly to the situation the country is right now which started through the taking of land and slave trade. By late 15th century the slave trade was very popular especially with the English, French, and Dutch who over 1650-1830 took nearly 4.5 million slaves ('The Slave Trade' pr.3 [2]). However the Arab's have been long involved in the African slave trade through the 8th to 19th century transporting up to 20 million slaves in this time (Austen pg.275 [4]). The other major part of colonialism is the partition of land in which colonial powers took parts of Africa under their power. The 'Scramble for Africa' was the invasion, colonialism, and control of Africa by European colonial powers (Mckay pg.738 [5]). These two factors have greatly contributed to the war, corruption, and famine which Africa is well known for.

The African triple threat is composed of war, corruption, and health for very good reasons. War is involved with militant groups like the FDLR and M23, as well as civil wars like the Rwandan genocide and ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Corruption is caused due to internal and external factors in which militant groups control mines and corporate companies take advantage of resources. Health is attributed to the AIDS & HIV epidemic, malaria, and famine. These three issues combine to create the broken ground which Africa sits upon to this day.

Africa is a continent which should be in a better social and economic position because of its vast natural resources, hardworking people, and cultural diversity which is put to waste by small minorities which use it for their own gain. Aid has only served as a procrastination tool from building Africa a solid base in which it can independently improve itself on. Development is key to solving conflict in Africa.

There is hope for Africa but much work is involved. Education and civil societies should be accessible to anyone and if they were Africa would not be in such trouble. The people were left with nothing after the colonial period because all gains were taken by colonial countries. It's nothing the African people did that put them in this situation but rather European decisions to take advantage of the people because they could. Africa has all the potential in the world but not the tools to utilize it.

Health is an African issue that resolves from its low social development in which sickness and famine are very common. AIDS & HIV are commonly transmitted as a result of unprotected sex or inheritance by genetics (Nordqvist pr.2 [6]). Malaria is a preventable and curable disease transmitted by infected mosquitos which leave parasites in the bloodstream ('Malaria' pr.1 [7]). Famine in论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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