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Facebook: A twenty-first century revolution
Published: 23, March 2015


Since being founded in 2004 the popularity of Facebook has continued to grow. Facebook can boast to have a massive 300 million active users (Representing people who have returned to the site within 30 days) and this figure is still growing to date. In January 2009, Compete.com ranked Facebook as the most used social network by worldwide monthly active users. It has become extremely popular within the general public, but the main demographic of users are students; from high school up to post graduation level. People may think that users of Facebook are scattered across a group of random individuals, but Hargittai (2007 p.276) states that 'a person's gender, race and ethnicity, and parental education background are all associated with use'. Hargittai (2007 p.276) also points out that 'additionally, people with more experience and autonomy of use are more likely to be users of such sites'. This adds to the argument that when you are surfing the internet, you are not just another statistic, as Hargittai (2007 p.277) also writes 'offline identities very much carry over to online behaviour'.

This essay will be discussing how much of an impact Facebook has had on the 21st Century, more interestingly, how it's changed and revolutionised people's interactions with each other on a daily basis.

I have had a Facebook account since early 2008, which was mainly set up due to peer pressure. This is because between the start of 2007 and early 2008, the majority of people I knew were using MySpace as their primary social networking site. A social trend had begun where many of my friends were deleting their MySpace profiles and creating profiles on Facebook. This created a domino effect, that because friends were moving to a new social networking website, I felt I had to do the same. The Collins English Dictionary defines 'Domino Effect' as; 'If one event causes another similar event, which in turn causes another event, and so on, you can refer to this as a domino effect'. A real world example of the domino effect in action is referenced in Freund (2007 p. xvi) by which she is talking about countries joining trade unions; 'there is a domino effect and as more countries join a union non members face increasing incentive to join'. This can be related back to my experience of moving from a MySpace account to a Facebook account.

Facebook is a product of the post-modern society that we live in today. We utilise the internet for many resources; up to date news, shopping, business and entertainment, the list goes on. This way of life that the internet has given us is now prompting us to socialise online too.

社会影响——The Impact on Society


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