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澳大利亚应该为拯救濒危鸟类做出非凡的努力Australian society should undertake extraordinary efforts to save endangered birds

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关键词:澳大利亚濒危鸟类Australian societyave endangered birds


女士们,先生们,晚上好! 今天我要和你们一起来看看这个问题:澳大利亚有多少种独特的鸟类?也许你们大多数人都不知道,我告诉你,确切的数字是450.鸟儿很漂亮, 非常罕见,是澳大利亚的骄傲,当然它们应该得到很好的保护,但是很多物种面临灭绝的威胁,你知道导致灭绝的原因,如生物资源过度开采,环境污染等 在我看来,原因之一是濒危鸟类的交易是一个主要原因,下面我将分享导致鸟类灭绝的原因。Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! Today I'm going to look together with you into this question: how many kinds of unique birds does Australia have? Maybe most of you do not know, I’ll tell you, the exact figure is 450. The birds are very beautiful, very rare, and they are Australian’s pride. Of course they should have been well protected, however, many species are threatened with extinction. Do you knowthe reasons leading to the extinction, such as over-exploitation of biological resources, environmental pollution, and so on? In my opinion, among the reasons, trading of endangered birds is a major reason. In the following content, I’ll share the reasons resulting in extinction of the birds with you.
2014年12月27日“珀斯现在”报道,根据IFAW(国际动物福利基金会)的调查,澳大利亚动物的商业贸易在网站上“蓬勃发展”。出售的动物包括红尾黑鹦鹉,主要米切尔的鹦鹉和galahs,这些动物只在澳大利亚才有(珀斯现在,2014)。这三个品种在俄罗斯,荷兰,哈萨克斯坦,乌克兰的网站上销售,尽管被禁止商业出口。It was reported by 'Perth Now' on December 27, 2014 that according to an investigation carried by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), commercial trade of live Australian animals was “flourishing” on websites. The animals for sale included red-tailed black cockatoos, Major Mitchell’s cockatoos and galahs, which are found only in Australia (Perth Now, 2014). These three species were sold on websites in Russia, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, although there is a ban on commercial exports. Isabel McCrea, who is the Oceania regional director of IFAW said that many animals were exported from Australia to zoos through legal means, of which some unscrupulous zoos sold them or young to pet dealers or collectors. She further mentioned that Australia's unique birds were demanded highly. As they are beautiful, exotic, rare and difficult to be acquired, these birds will be sold at a maximum price of $ 40,000 each (Perth Now, 2014). More mercilessly, many of these live birds sold by traffickers were often dead on the way to be sent to the destination. They did not die soon, many birds died due to suffocation or pressure. Clandestine dealing on remains of endangered birds is rampant in Australia. Illicit trade of birds is found on local mainstream shopping websites, such as eBay and Gumtree. Rampant illegal trade accelerates the extinction of birds (Darby, 2014).
For that reason I proposed above, Australian society should pay attention to the problem of the possible extinction of endangered wildlife caused by transactions, because the protection of endangered birds has a very important significance for all aspects of the society. Firstly, it is beneficial for the maintenance of ecological balance and biodiversity. Each species are an important member of ecosystem, so are birds, through the relationship of food chain, species play the role of interdependence and mutually restraining. Once there is a problem in certain part of a food chain, the balance of the entire ecosystem will be severely affected (Saeki, 2007). Secondly, many endangered birds are the objects of scientific research, they have a high scientific value in zoology, ecology, genetics, modern medicine, bionics (Amoo and Staden, 2013), and mankind currently only have learned a very small part of the value of species. With the development of science and technology, the potential value of each species will gradually be discover论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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