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耶胡达(Ben-Yehuda)将“道德恐慌” 这一概念描述为,由那些声称含有道德因素的话题所引发的过度恐慌状态。他说道,“道德恐慌一直在为公害创造、聚焦并维持着说服性的形象,而这些公害就是道德畏惧的核心。”

There are certain powerful tools such as 'moral entrepreneurs' and/or 'social control agents' that are said to contribute to the development of moral panics in a society (Becker, 1963:147; Cohen, 1980:85). This essay will argue that 'amplitude' as a news value appears to be the major tool through which moral panics are developed in a society (Cohen, 1980:31). The essay will commence with a brief background and definition of key terms such as 'news values', 'amplitude' and 'moral panics', not necessarily in the same sequence. Then using relevant research sources, this essay will analyse the role that the news value of 'amplitude' plays in the development of moral panics. Furthermore, the reasons for this kind of journalism will be considered by carefully analysing the issues of 'interest' and 'morality'. Finally, the essay will consider the effects of moral panics on society by looking into instances in different societies.

Ben-Yehuda (2009:1) describes the concept of moral panic as creating a state of 'exaggerated fear' from topics that are claimed to have a moral element. He states that 'moral panics have to create, focus on and sustain powerfully persuasive images of folk devils that can serve as the heart of moral fears.' According to Ben-Yehuda and Goode (1994:12), the idea of 'moral panics' developed from the earlier concept of 'moral crusades' where a person or a group of persons where stigmatised as deviants and isolated from what was regarded as 'normal' society. It was first revealed by Jock Young in 1971 as opposed to the thought that Stanley Cohen was the originator of the concept. Critcher (2006: ix) also concurs that Cohen borrowed the term from Young. However, though Young introduced the term, it was 'Cohen's research on the Mods and Rockers that launched it to its present state as a still central tool of sociological and media analysis, as well as a common phrase in popular discourse' (Ben-Yehuda, 2009:1). Cohen defines moral panic in his book Folk Devils and Moral Panics: The Creation of Mods and Rockers (1980:9), as when a 'condition, episode, person or group of persons emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests; its nature is presented in a stylized and stereotypical fashion by the mass media...' This shows that every society has particular moral values and interests that define it as a society.

Hence, it will not be normal for a person or group of persons to go against those moral values and interests. Becker (1963:1) states that social rules are made to be enforced and they determine what is right or wrong in a social group. Therefore the person or group of persons who breaks those rules is regarded as an outsider because such cannot be trusted to live by the rules. The out论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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